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Oils for knives--especially switchblades.

Periodically a outside sales rep will offer products I know to be substandard.

Oil is important for switchblades. If you decide to buy substandard oil, just piss on the knife--it's cheaper yet!

I have a lead from Joyce at Horizon. They are some of the most honest knife salesmen I know. Compared with the cheapest lowballers in the industry, they are usually only four dollars more, with the best customer service.

First in my choice. You have an expensive knife and you're considering WD-40. Hold that thought, use CLP-Break Free instead.

As for Joyce, she called me and told me a "freebie" was coming, and it was oil. She admonished me to use "less" not more. In fact, she told me that if there was a teenie hole drilled halfway into the ricasso, use that for the oil.

At first, I thought she sent me an applicator of Tuf-Glide, but her product comes in an identical applicator.

Their oil is called "Quick Release," and if you can see a drop of oil appear you've used too much.

You drop a minuscule amount onto the inside activator button, and click the knife open just twice.

Your knife is now both faster and smoother--mine are!

Call Joyce at Horizon Bladeworks, 828-884-4302.
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Working up enough on BHQ order to get free shipping I ordered this Tuf-Glide pen cost me $2.00. Considering how little I use, it should last a long time.

I did put a drop of CLP down the button on my Boker and opened it a few times to work out that little rough, "catchy", it's new feeling worked like a charm smooth and really quick now.
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Thanks for the tips, I'll will be giving them a try.
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I hope members here try out Nick and Joyce, they are good people.

Another aspect is their depth of inventory. Joyce tells me that they have "numerous safes." Here's an example.

During the last weeks, I ordered three Bokers; one by one they all showed up in a matter of a few days.

In that same period I ordered a singular stiletto from a now nameless switchblade purveyor, who posted this switchblade's picture as being in stock. They have my credit card number and "secret code."

Despite two follow-up calls and allotting more time, the staff cannot find the stiletto nor can they trace its shipment to anywhere.

My wife says the knife is either lost or deliberately sold to some else.

You can call Joyce, simply tell her what you want, and in a matter of days that exact product and freebees will be at your doorstep.

No hassles, no excuses, no contracts, just honest customer service.
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Is the "Tuf-Glide" or "Quick Release" good for a gun lube? I always just use CLP?
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Yes, but I would use the Quick Release (and just a teenie dab) on things like sears and magazine release parts.

But then, I have used CLP Break Free for decades, and never had any firearm tie up. Then again, I used the "gumba approach."

I would deliberately use too much CLP to make sure some got into the nooks and crannies, especially of guns that sat out the entire winter without being fired at anything.

Then I would do a field breakdown and get off the errant oil on decorative surfaces. Sloppy to be sure, but like I said, never a failure.

Edit: After a comparison, I had to agree with Joyce. While I never had problems with Tuf-Glide, but it does seem a tad stickier on stored items. Not bad, but you can see and feel it. The Quick Release uses next to nothing, and it makes parts slide easier and smoother--and you can feel the difference with you eyes closed. There are times for CLP, times for Tuf-Glide and now times for Quick Release. And for my switchblades and those smaller activation parts, I now use Joyce's Quick Release.
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