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Greasy Diamonds

I've been pretty happy with the edge on the new Spyderco. It will slice through pizza with ease, stab holes in 5 gallon buckets, and do everything in between.

The blade has a full-flat grind, and then I put the edge 22 degrees from there, so I wasn't surprised when it turned out a little delicate. I was feeling what felt like a burr, but under magnification, it was actually chipped in a couple spots.

In the meantime, I found some 0.25μ diamond paste and couldn't resist. I called Ken Schwartz for some nano cloth , and in the conversation, I could tell he wasn't fond of anything grease based. So I bought some water-based 0.25μ CBN from him.

While waiting for the shipment to arrive, I decided to try out the diamonds. This time I went to 25 degrees. And the results were interesting. The latest American Rifleman was on the table, and I had read the whole thing except for the article on the last page. If I hold a page straight up, and put the blade close to my fingers, the blade will slice through the paper by it's own weight. That's easily the best I've ever done.

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There'a problem with nanodiamond slurry--it's like French fries or potato chips.

You cannot resist the "pull."

I have a very small SW 60 switchblade. I was just going to straighten the bevel and perhaps use Mothers to refine the edge. Then some of the Schwartz polishes fell into my hands.

And finally, the slurry.

I think that misadventure cost more than the knife...

Click on picture to enlarge.

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So is it safe to say you like diamonds better than CBN?

All I've used is the Schwartz 1μ CBN water emulsion on nanocloth and the greasy 0.25μ diamonds on a paint stirring stick.

The greasy stick seems more economical as it uses less product. The nanocloth seems to soak in the CBN, so I'm using a lot of drops.

It's hard to make an accurate cost comparison at this point, but I think the tub of diamonds is costing less than half the cost of the bottle of CBN.

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