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Well, it never was a chisel. But I sharpened it at the same angles it came, 25 degrees. But anyway, it came out the way I intended. It's smooth sharp. I think pretty soon I'm going to try to figure out how to get a toothy edge. To date, all my short-lived attempts have been disappointing.

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First off, I'd get the edge down to at least 20 degrees unless you're really doing some heavy-duty camping and you cannot risk a chip.

Having said that, I've found the best "sharp but toothy" edge is one of my favorites for weekend blue jeans.

I would recommend the "Prequel." One of those duties is 'eating.' This knife can be taken apart with your bare hands--especially helpful if your wife always borrows your knife and likes gravy. (Don't ask).

Next, the Prequel has two edges of the same length. You can make them anyway grit you want, but you do have two of them. I make the front bevel very sharp and polished.

The belly bevel is where you might push on stuff, like rope or slitting pieces of cardboard.

I start by taking a shaping stone, and making the bevel uniform. Sharpening 101.

Then I refine the edge by removing the scratch pattern. Here I use a 600 stone, going north and south.

The last step is washing the 600 getting out the swarf, perhaps flattening it on a sharpening stone since coarser items wear fast, and then breaking the long edges by holding the waterstone at 45 degrees and simply sliding it back an forth a few times on the sharpener.

Then keep the belly bevel parallel to the end of the fixture, and carefully slide the straighten 600 now east and west across the bevel until all the ink is removed and your work is straight and uniform.

Your final move is to flip the knife back and forth a few times--very lightly--do the east/west move, just a bit more dainty-like to remove all the burr.

Voila. Sharp and toothy.
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