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Yikes...what have I done?!

I was one the telephone with Ken Schwartz this afternoon, and sooner or later the conversation had to turn to upscale polishing.

I admitted that I had not used my "jnats," the slang term for 'Japanese naturals,' the stones quarried where the Samurai warriors demanded of their polishers. It's bad form to lose your shogun...

I have only five jnats, and I had not been looking for that type of business. I do have a real-deal Hattori so I should be using some of these rocks I went into hock to possess.

Ken asked me why I didn't use them on my personal knives. In truth, I never thought of it, or really dared.

After we hung up, I pulled out that Protech-Emerson I'm so fond of. Yeah, there were a few scratches. So, now I had repairs to do.

As I went to my workstation, I glanced at the jnats. I told myself that they are mine all mine, and it's a waste to not to use them.

I picked up an Aoto, checked it for symmetry and touched it up on a sharpener. The stone had slid across the bevel, almost never touching anything, at all.

I put the edge under the loupe' and that's when I saw the change. As with any jnat, there was a soft matte sheen, the bevel reflected but appeared a tad milky.

Then I lightly did the "tickle the dragon." It was flawless, tip to choil.

Oy,vey, now what? After all, how can I not polish a knife that provides such an outstanding benefits. And how can I insult the polisher that came before me--perhaps a polisher for a Samurai 800 years ago.

After all, only one guy sends real stones to the USA (and we think just passed away), and only one other guy--that would be Ken--who sells them to guys who refuse to settle for less.

I rolled the knife left and then right to check the edge for a reflection. However, it was just one expanse of perfect steel, and not one glimmer or glint...
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