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It's not like I have any high-end scissors, but there are more laying around the house than I knew existed. It was just a matter of hunting for them.

Some cheap, stamped steel scissors came out pretty good. Some of the regular-style scissors I hogged down to 1000 grit diamond, took the burr off the back side, and they came out ok.

Then I went and polished some scissors to about 8k. I don't remember for sure. But the odd phenomenon was that when the scissors are completely open, the polished edges PUSH the work out of their jaws. I noticed this on various different scissors. The effect seems to be greater the finer the polish.

It seems that a coarser grind might be better for general purpose cutting.

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A trick taught to a long, long time ago by someone older then than I am now.

With the scissors closed, force the blades together with the left hand while opening them. Don't force the blades together while closing - this tends to dull the edge. This opening action helps to align the burrs for a better cut.
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I have the Edge Pro scissors attachment. Just like the edge of a knife, I can polish the scissors to a razor sharp sheen.

Some women use their scissors to cut out clothing patterns for sewing. Using the polished edges, they make very keen cuts, and the cloth doesn't fray.
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Cloth cuts a lot nicer than floppy paper. I've read that hair stylists like a polished edge. Next time I get a haircut, I'll ask the ladies if anyone has an old pair I can work on.

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I have done the household general purpose scissors on my Tormek (w/attachment), which come out nicely. DeOlMan's trick is spot on, hold them together (gently) during the opening. Works nice.

My wife is a BIG sewer, but she has some 'gizmo' for maintaining her good sewing scissors. Won't even let me near them, which is a bit rude if you ask me.
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