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A Cut Above

If you could only have one pocket knife what do you think is the best all purpose EDC blade.
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My wife gave me this knife about 5 years ago. I was sitting on a bench, people watching, in the heart of Hot Springs while she was shopping. When she got back, she handed me this knife. I carry it almost always. It has done what I have asked of it. ‘This is my knife, there are many like it but this one is mine”...
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I guess since I've carried a Buck 110 for about 40 yrs, I would have say the Buck 110 is go to due everything knife.
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For the better part of the last year, I've been enamored with Spyderco knives, specifically the Manix 2. The size fits my hand better than any other knife I own. Different scales are available, but I like the pattern on the FRCP (plastic) scales. It's not so rough as to impede removal from a pocket, but it will stay put when my hands are wet and dirty.

The leaf-shaped blade is easy to maintain, even after it gets banged up from abuse. The Spydie Hole (hole in the blade) may look weird to the uninitiated, but it's far easier to use than thumb studs or grooves cut into a blade. The lock mechanism is strong, secure, and simple to operate.

A variable with all Spyderco knives is the blade steel. They use dozens of different types. This one is some stuff called Maxamet. It took me a while to figure out how to put a good edge on it, but now it's no big deal. The thin edge doesn't bend or roll over like other materials. It's very interesting to work with. I'm not sure, though, if I'd recommend it to others. At the other end of the steel spectrum, the knife is offered in S30V. It's more common, but by no means a slouch.

In my mind, this is supposed to be a work-week knife, and I'm supposed to switch it out on the weekends. But I like it so much, that it's my 7-day-a-week knife.

Spyderco's may look weird at first, but so did your grandbaby. Hold it for a couple minutes, and you'll quickly discover its unique awesomeness, and you'll come to love it.
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I have had my cheap little Gerber skeleton frame for about 5 years now. It's light, strong, easy to maintain the edge... What more do I need?
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My most bestest EDC knife

I bought a bunch of knives in the past five years; flippers, folders, switch blades etc. My favorite and most recent purchase was this Buck 110 Auto Elite. I'm willing to bet a dollar to a doughnut that everybody on this forum has owned a Buck 110 or 112 at one time in their life so this would feel and look very familiar to you . This model has black checkered G10 grips and nickel silver bolsters and it's an automatic. I am pretty sure that this will be the last pocket knife I"ll ever buy. Unless I loose it.

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I have carried a buck knife for well over 50 years now. Most of the time the model has been a Buck 110. Now it's the Buck 110 auto. BTW, I also carry half of a Buck 110 as well - a Buck 055
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Like Rusty, I have a Spyderco. They are local to me and that means something in my eyes. The knives are very functional, stay sharp look nice. The hole in the blade works great, and removes a snag point.
I also have a Benchmade Griptillian that I really like. It is crazy sharp (well, not Chico sharp), and I like the locking mechanism. However, it is thicker in the handle area.
I switch them out for EDC, but have also been known to carry both at the same time.
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I don't know that I have a favorite "the one", though I seem to pick up a Zero Tolerance flipper most often. I have 3-4 different ones, but seem to like a fast flipper and the fancy steels always hold an edge.

For sport coat accessorizing, i have a couple of Case folders that I like.
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The first criteria is that I'm willing to carry it, so that means it must easily fit into the watch pocket of blue jeans (I pocket carry an LCP so that eliminates one pocket).

I don't use a knife much when I'm out and about. Really, most any sub 3in folded knife would be fine. I have others, but I'm partial to these two Bucks.

The iconic Buck 505... what else is there to say? The other is a Buck 526 Executive series. Brushed steel with beautifully beveled and polished smoothed edges, ultra-thin... a gentlemen's knife in every respect. They stopped making the 526 about 15 years ago. I have yet to see anything else in the category I would prefer. The 526 was actually a present I had given to my father about 20 years ago. The 505 is also about 20 years old.

Just one? The 505 is my EDC. Tourist did a fine job of cleaning up and sharpening the blade on this 505. Thank you.
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