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New from AR

As the sharper among you will deduce, my name is Scott. I live in western AR and have served with my local police department since 1994. My wife was good enough to put down a chunk of money on a TLE RL II for Father's Day. I have have always wanted a Kimber since I handled an SIS several years ago that a friend from C&BP owned. Beautiful gun and the fit and finish were second to none. I served on my department's SWAT Team for 12 years. The last 3 as the Team Leader. I "retired" from the Team in 2013 when I reached the ripe old age of 50 and my second son was born. I was recently promoted to Sergeant and have returned to our SWAT Team as a member of the command staff. I worked for almost 12 years in our department's Narcotics Unit prior to my promotion . So...I bring a wealth of tactical and concealed carry knowledge to the forum. That being said, I still have a lot to learn. I look forward to interacting with all of you.
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Wink Hey Here!! (It's a Southern Thing!!!)

Welcome to KT from beautiful downtown Monroe, Georgia!!!
Monroe Post Office.JPG

Congrats on the new TLE RL II!! Nice pistol!! Nice of your wife!! I like the TLE models a lot. They fall just behind the Raptors as being my favorites. How about posting pictures and a nice range report after your next range session. We love that kind of junk!!
Post Pictures.jpg

Thanks for your service to your community. You will find that we support and respect law enforcement here!! Hell, Zoomy even hands out window decals that say that.....for free!!! You're a hell of a man Zoomy!! biggrin2.gif

Okay, now let's get this straight. Georgia has spent years apologizing for Jimmy Carter. Arkansas needs to really apologize for Bill AND Hillary Clinton. Last of all, Illinois, Hawaii and KENYA (or wherever in hell he was born) need to get down on their knees, grovel and beg forgiveness for our radical Muslim terrorist president:

Sorry! Yet another rant ended!!

Glad to have you with us, Scott!!
The Lineman-Proud Army Dad!!

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Welcome from Mid Michigan! Your wife has fine taste in weapons!! Thanks for the service to your community, as said previously we stand behind our LEO's here.

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Welcome from Ohio

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Welcome from Eastern Washington.
Some call me.....Tim

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Hiya, Scott. Welcome to KT
Insta-Gator aka .. Gary
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(remember your 4th Amendment right, people)
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Welcome from Northeast, Pa Scott. That's a good wife you got there, enjoy your new TLE.
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois Scott and congratulations on the new Kimber TLE.
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Thomas Jefferson
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Another welcome from Ohio


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Welcome from Northern Illinois. You will enjoy that TLE RL, and now you have to make a decision about a light to mount on that rail.
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