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New Pro Carry owner from behind the granola curtain

This is my third 1911 and it's so new it's going to be in DROS jail for 10 more days. I hadn't even considered Kimber until James Yager the rabid 1911 hater ran a 1000 test and only had failures when shooting upside down or stuck his glove in the slide. If it could convince him, I decided that since it was about the only brand of Commander size 1911 still on the DOJ Gun Roster, I'd give it a try.

And yes I know about Dan Wesson, Ed Brown, and Nighthawk. Not in budget.

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Cool Hey Here!! (It's a Southern Thing!!!)

Welcome to KT from beautiful downtown Monroe, Georgia!!!
Monroe-I Love Monroe, GA.jpg

Congrats on the Pro Carry II. I hope that it behaves while it is in protective custody!! I wouldn't want it to pull one of those all to common tragic California events, you know, of discharging itself and killing numerous people with no human interaction what so ever. I think that issue is like the zika virus. It is spread by mosquitoes, isn't it???

Kidding aside, the Pro Carry is a great all around pistol. I have one myself and really like it. Of course, I have stuck my fingers into it to make it more ME!! I have added Trijicon Night Sights, a Wilson Combat flat wire recoil spring kit, Hogue Blue Lava G-10 grips and an Ed Brown Snakeskin Main Spring Housing. Other than that, it is bone stock!! Mine is a real shooter. It can shoot better than I can!!That makes me very happy, when I'm trying to show off!!
PC2 475 Rounds.jpg

Hopefully, you will get your pistol out of bondage soon!! When you do, we'd love to have some pictures. Also, after your first range visit, please post a detailed range report. We'd like to know how your PC2 performs!!Oh yeah, before that first range visit, please follow Kimber's recommendations on ammo, cleaning and lubing prior to shooting and break in procedures. That will make for an issue free and more enjoyable range session.

Glad to have you with us. We look forward to hearing more from you in the near future!! Shoot straight (the Kimber will do it's part!), shoot often and be safe!! Be sure to keep your pistol restrained so that it can not load itself and commit evil deeds while you are not around!!

Only In The People's Republik of California!! Right?? Governor Moon Beam for President!!! Glad that Georgia is on my mind!!!
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I will post, I'm pretty excited. The sights are getting replaced immediately after I get it broke in. I've got a Burris FF3 on both my CZ and XD9 and they've performed great and really improved groups on those guns. The next updates will be a bobtail mainspring housing and new g10 grips. The Kimber store has a couple of sets I like. Then updates and improvements as needed.
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Welcome from Northeast, Pa. Congratulations on your new Pro Carry II.
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Welcome to the forum from Ohio


NRA Life Member
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Welcome! Pro Carry is the best, imo.
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Welcome to the forum, Mike!
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Hey, D4.
Good to see a other member from behind the Orange Curtain. Got a Kimber that gets out of jail tomorrow, but I probably won't pick it up until Tuesday. Just finished my oatmeal and blueberries, and now it's time to pack up some granola and Clif Bars. Headed up to the big hills shortly... actually, we'll be bagging THREE peaks today. Adios!
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois Mike, this being your 3rd 1911 I don't have to tell you to clean and lube the gun before your first range visit. Follow Kimbers break in procedure using the recommended ammo and when it's time to replace the recoil spring (800 rounds) look into the Wilson Combat Flat Wire Spring Kit. The kit will allow you to break down the gun without the use of any tools and the new spring will have a 40,000 round life.
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Welcome from Northern Illinois. I have there Kimber Pro's and love them all. You will get hooked on this size and the Kimber family, or at least whatever California will let you have.
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