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Exclamation FTF's

I recently just purchased a Pro Carry II this past Saturday. I have been having some FTF's when I put in a fully loaded 8 round Wilson Combat mag, using the slide lock release to chamber a round. I also had a couple with the factor mag. So far I have used 200 rounds of Blazer Brass 230 gr FMJ and 100 rounds of Winchester 230gr FMJ. It seemed to be worse with the Winchester. I also have cleaned the gun prior to going to the range. I would gratefully appreciate any feedback or help. I am hoping it is just a break in period or possibly I need to go ahead and purchase a new guide rod spring. I am looking into to getting the Wilson Combat guide rod and spring.
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Be patient, it just needs to break in. The factory guide rod spring should be replaced after 800 rounds.
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On my first visit to the range (after clean/lube) with my Custom Crimson Carry II I started out using the original magazine and WWB 230 FMJ. Of the first 100 rounds of the FMJ I had 5 FTFs. Switched over to PMC and WC mags for the next 100 rounds. No problem. I now shoot Georgia Arms 230 gr FMJ using the WC mags and my round count is up to 650. I have not had a single hickup after those first 5. It is now the smoothest, easiest shooting gun I've ever owned and I trust it completely, to function properly.

IMO, stay away from WWB ammo, and keep shooting. It will smooth out.
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Welcome to the forum by the way. I have a stainless Pro Carry II that I have put 1500 rounds through. I have had one FTF which was at around 750 rounds. I was using standard Kimber mags. I switched to Wilson mags and put in a Wilson flat spring kit shortly after that and have never had another FTF. My Pro Carry II is also very smooth. As for accuracy, it shoots itself and is a much better shot than I am. As for ammo, I shoot targets (no people) so I use Federal American Eagle 230 gr. FMJ.

Good luck. Break it in. Talk to it. It'll come around and start behaving.
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Welcome from StLou...It will get better...
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Wink Hey Ya'll!

Welcome to the forum from Beautiful Downtown Monroe, Georgia!!!

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Your Kimber should straighten out by the time you have fed it 500 rounds. If that doesn't work, I can teach you some really nasty four letter "lineman talk" that will not only make you feel better, it just might fix the feeding problem!!! Never underestimate the power of dog cussing a mechanical object!!!
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Welcome from NY
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois Kbiernot. Hang in there, clean the gun every 100 - 150 rounds depending on how dirty the ammo is that you're using and keep the rails lubed. I'm confident you Kimber will get better as your shot count goes up.
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Welcome from Ohio.


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Mine gave me some stovepipes around the 180-200 mark. Cleaned, lubed, and kept shooting. Never happened again. Just keep going, these are tight fitting pistols that need to be broken in. I'm confident yours will be fine. I personally wouldn't be to concerned until the 4-500 range. It'll get really smooth after 500.
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