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New old coot from South Alabama

Hello all and Greetings from way down South in the Heart of Dixie. I've been waiting for a Micro 9 Crimson Carry but time waits for no one. Might have to get a Micro and add Crimson later as there seems to be a few around. I expect the pre Hitlery crunch to hit in a few weeks so will have to make a move soon or be left holding an empty bag. Thanks for having me.
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If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth. Ronald Reagan

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Cool Hey Here!! (It's a Southern Thing!!!)

Welcome to KT from beautiful downtown Monroe, Georgia!!!
Monroe Welcome.jpg

I see that you are from LA (Lower Alabama)! Glad to have you with us. Please be sure to post pictures of your new Micro whenever you find one to your liking. Please be sure to post a range report after your first range session, too. We'd love to see how well you do with the CT laser. Keep us in the loop!!

The CT lasers are fun to have on a pistol. I had one on my Kimber .45 ACP Custom Stainless II. Fun to use at the range and out in the woods. I even used it once for a Bowling Pin Match. Those bowling pins learned to hate that red dot!!

Please join in whenever you feel the urge. We value and enjoy hearing from new folks. If you have questions, ask away. Somebody here will have an answer for you. Most of us are old coots with lots of experience. We even have a few cooties (WOMEN---I'm not gonna call 'em old!! I like living!!) and a few young cuties that can provide answers, too!! Please join in. We'll all have a real good time!!
The Lineman-Proud Army Dad!!

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Welcome from Mid Michigan.

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Welcome from Ohio

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Welcome from Northeast, Pa.
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Welcome to KT.

Lived in Mobile for six years as a boy. That was a very long time ago.
Insta-Gator aka .. Gary
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois J Mosby.
"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
Thomas Jefferson
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Another welcome from Ohio


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Welcome from Georgia, "He who hesitates is lost", you may be right on the Hillary thing :-(
...tell um I said "hey" at the Florabamma :-)
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Welcome from Middle Tennessee!
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