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Anyone seen one of these?

I am thinking of trading an AR15 for a Kimber 1911. The guy that has the pistol described it as a Pro Raptor two tone. The slide being stainless and the lower is black. I checked the Kimber website...well they don't show one nor does Gun Broker or Buds Gun shop. The only one two tone Raptor that Kimber shows has a black slide in the 5" Grand Raptor. Is this just a older model?
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You have a picture of it?
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois gwdfowler. Get the serial number off the gun and give Kimbers customer service a call tomorrow morning.

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Welcome to the site from Tennessee! All "Pro" models would be 4"barrel.
Raptor model could be all Black/Blue slide and frame OR all Stainless slide and frame.
Could be a really old model that is no longer in production.

Get us a pic of the right ejection port side of the slide, should have model name on it.
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Welcome to the Kimber Forum from Wisconsin

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Welcome from Northern Illinois. This Raptor sounds a bit unusual, but as others suggest, get the serial # and call Kimber CS. Almost sounds like someone 'coated' the lower, but I am no expert.
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What Chuck and 2Sharp said. Welcome from South Florida
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Welcome to KT.

Unless you have multiple AR-15s, I wouldn't even consider it. As much as I love my Kimbers, a pistol is what we use to fight our way back to our rifle. An assortment of both is recommended.

I've never seen a Raptor in two tone. Someone may have put a Raptor slide on a non-Raptor frame. Be careful.
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Welcome from GA. Good luck with your trade.
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Welcome from Ohio!!

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