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Hello to All,
I do not actually own a Kimber yet. But I will, come December. I have a Kimber Ultra+ CDP .45 on Layaway. I have been shooting with my Glock 20 10mm for 9 months now. Prior to that, I had never even held a pistol. I was born and raised in NYC, where there is practically no legal gun culture.
The reason for my deciding to arm myself was based on a dramatic increase in break-ins/home invasions in my area, San Bernardino, CA.
After I took an introductory class in "recreational" handgun use, I joined an indoor shooting range and "got the BUG". I love target shooting!. It is a challenge and I can see my own improvement.
I bid on the Kimber because I have read that they are considerably tighter than glocks and therefor more accurate. Also, they are much Prettier.
Glad to be a member,
Bill !
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois wildbillbugman, you don't have to own a Kimber to be a member here as long as you lust for one.
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Welcome Bill, from the great state of Texas!
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"It is the unconquerable nature of man and not the nature of the weapon he uses that ensures victory"
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Welcome to the forum from Ohio!!

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Welcome to the forum from Dixie Co.,Fl.
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Welcome to the forum from Colorful Colorado! Congrats on making the decision to not be a victim. Continue training & be safe!
If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough.

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Bill, welcome to the site from Tennessee! When you get your new Ultra+CDP you will find such a huge difference between it and your Glock you won't believe it. You reading that a Kimber is "tighter" than a Glock may be the understatement of the year. It is apples to oranges. I have the Ultra CDPII, I think the only difference is yours will hold one more round. I dare say you will love it. I have been around guns all my life sorry you are just getting started...try to catch up, we are waiting for you. Start saving for your second Kimber cause if you are like the rest of us you can't buy just one!
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Wink Hey Ya'll!

Welcome to the forum from beautiful downtown Monroe, Georgia!!!
City Limits (2).JPG

Wow, NYC and California!!?? You do tend to hang around some of the most gun friendly places, don't ya??? How did you ever manage to by-pass Chicago on the way to California?? Just pulling your chain there. I guess folks gotta live where work takes them! Hell, compared to New York City, California has got to seem like a veritable gun paradise!!

Welcome to the Kimber wagon. BTW, this is an addiction!!! And we will be real happy to help you out by suggesting what to spend your hard earned money on!! (You're Welcome!) Congrats on ordering the Ultra+ CDP. Nice pistol. Send us some pictures when you get it. Of course, include the obligatory range report, also!!! Enjoy your shooting. Be safe!!

Oh BTW, Kimbers ARE much prettier than Glocks!! Gaston Glock's inspiration for the design of the pistols that carry his name was THE BRICK!
The Lineman-Proud Army Dad!!

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Wild Bill welcome to the forum from NY.
Drinking can cause memory loss or even worse memory loss!
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Another welcome from Ohio.


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