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New from Michigan, considering a Solo


I'm new from Michigan. I am thinking about getting a Solo STS, but friends are trying to talk me out of it. My EDC is a Seecamp .32, but I am looking to add a small 9mm to the rotation for winter. I also own 2 Sigs (SP2022 and 232) and a Colt Commander, but this would be my first Kimber. From what I understand, as long as I stick to 124gr high quality JHP I should be okay. Do you think I should be looking at a Kimber Micro 9 instead? Thanks for your advice.
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Welcome to the forum!

You came to the right place. There are plenty of folks here with opinions on both the Solo and Micro 9.
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois Rickster17, I'm not a Solo owner so I really can't offer an opinion either way.
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Welcome Rickster, I have owned 2 Solos with zero issues. I would like to get a Micro 9 but not avail in CA. I ran 124gr, 135 and 147 and all worked fine. Try to shoot it before you buy.
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Welcome to the forum from Ohio


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Welcome to KT from St Lou.....

I have both and if if if I had to buy one today it would be the Micro 9..Not because the Solo is a pos, because it isn't, just because there's a better chance of it not going back to Yonkers for a tune-up...

My Micro 9 has been flawless, but others have been having issues with them as well...

Good luck with your decision....
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Welcome from Middle Tennessee...don't own a Solo, so will leave others here to comment.
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The Kimber solo is a good-looking pistol. It feels good in the hand and it fits well in a pocket or small holster. But it's performance is more than a little iffy. I had three solos each of them had their own unique problems. There are also rumors that Kimber may be dropping it from there pistol lineup. I would look at anything but a solo if I were you. Consider yourself warned. Govern yourself accordingly.
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I love my Solo STS . I had a few issues but after a return to KIMBER it runs perfect. If you buy one and have issues just keep after KIMBER until it runs fine. You will then see why KIMBER introduced it in the place. I agree with Hoffbrew, shoot it first if you can. Good grip and right ammo will help. Good luck!
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Welcome to the site from Tennessee! Don't own either but if I was picking one to buy it would be the Micro 9.
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