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New user here so if i offend, please don't hesitate to point it out. I have just come into possession of a Kimber Custom Shop Super Match IIe 45 Cal. with a .22 cal conversion kit. I have no idea of the value-it's an older gun apparently but little used. Any help out there?
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Don't know much about that model,but you may have a keeper.Welcome aboard from Dixie Co.,Fl.
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Welcome to KimberTalk
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Photos would help of condition and is its and external extractor gun.
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Welcome to the forum 808Rick, give customer service a call with the serial number and they can tell you when the gun was made.

Customer Service
Toll-Free: (888) 243-4522
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Welcome from Ohio!


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Welcome from Texas!
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Another welcome to the forum from Ohio!!

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Another welcome from the beautiful state of Texas!

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Cool Hey Ya'll!!!

Welcome to the forum from beautiful downtown Monroe, Georgia!!!
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I checked up on the Kimber web site on the Super Match Custom II. It is a current production Kimber Custom Shop pistol, with an internal extractor. Per the web site, it is designed for accuracy and action shooting. It better be a shooter, because MSRP is $2,313.00!!!!

She's a looker!! Only to be beaten out by the Raptor series IMHO!!!
Looks like you came up with a really nice pistol. Sadly, per my son, stationed at Schofield Barracks, Hawaiian gun laws suck (to put it mildly) . Hope you can actually find a place to enjoy shooting you new acquisition. Be safe!! Congrats on the new Kimber!!
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