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New member and kimber owner here from okc

Hello, you can call me sage. I am
From okc and have recently had a windfall that allowed me to buy my dream gun. Of course it's a kimber. So, I had to special order this weapon and wait many weeks for it to be built and arrive. I bought a custom kimber cdp pro in 9mm. I had the black laser grips installed and had the right safety bobbed.

First let me say, holy shit the feel of the slide rolling back is like oil on glass, just beautiful. The trigger feel, pull and length of pull is insane. I have always been a gun guy, even worked at the gun show for a few years (that's how I first got exposed to limbers) and as such I have handled hundreds of of handguns. Never have I handled one as sexy and amazing as this kimber. I really can't express it in appropriate words it's just that amazing. Makes me want to sell all my other guns to buy another kimber lol.

I haven't gotten to fire this baby yet as I also took up the new hobby of reloading at the same time. So I have been kicking out 9mm rounds like crazy. I am doing 115 grain lead with 6.5 gr of gunpowder. I am making hundreds without testing them so I hope they work out lol.

I looked everywhere in this forum for some legit discussions about mags. The guys at the tactical shop say kimber mags are trash, and any forum written before 2014 say the same thing. But nobody can agree on which mags work and that they do no harm to the weapon (Wilson ramp gauging the weapon ramp). None of these posts are within the last two years, which makes me wonder if it's even relevant now.

I bought a px4 sc 40 when it was new. Thing is a paper weight. Haven't gotten 100 rounds thru it yet because it stovepipes the roundvevety second round. Been to beretta Need to a gunsmith, both say it needs broken in more. So I am nervous about mags for my kimber. I do not want to be disappointed and my hopes are high since I just dropped $1500 on this weapon and another $1500 on reloading supplies so I can shoot it more.

If there is abtopic on 9mm commander mags (I think it's commamder) please post a link so I can go get educated. If there isn't, shall I make a new one?

I look forward to being a beneficial member of this forum. I like writing, so I am sure I will contribute something. :-).
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Joe's 1911 Mag Mania | 1911 Magazines At Warehouse Prices

These are the 1911 mags I buy and many other members buy. Great price and great quality. I have 8 rd and 9rd 9mm mags from Joe's. I've never had an issue. I think Kimber mags are also fine, I even have the old black mags from Kimber and I don't think they are as nice but they have never failed me.
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Welcome to KT from Northeast, Pa Sage.

Did I miss which Kimber you purchased ?
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Welcome from Indiana
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Welcome from southern CA., I like Kim Pro Tac Mags also Joe's magmania sells quality mags and I have bought several from him also saved a few bucks over the other brands never a problem with them.

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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois Sage and congratulations on the new 9mm CDP Pro. Don't believe all the crap you read on the internet about Kimber magazines. 2/3 of the 40+ magazines I have are Kimber KimPro Tac-Mags the other 1/3 are from Joes1911magmania. I've never had a single problem with one of them.
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Welcome to the forum from Ohio


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Welcome to the forum from Northern Illinois.
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Sage, welcome to the site from Tennessee. Clean and lube and your new CDP will be just fine. Never had a problem with my original Kimber magazines. I also use Kimber Pro Tac mags, until I found Joes1911magmania I have a lot of his magazines in full size and compact and in .45 and .9mm, never had a problem with them they are well made and reasonably priced.
I recently saved a few extra dollars when I ordered a "10 pack" of Blue instead of Stainless Joes magazines, they are just as well made as the stainless.
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Welcome Fellow Okie.

I' live in Bethany.......

My Past Kimber collection.

My Current Kimber/Sig Sauer collection.
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