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Kimber hater who has seen the light. (Long Read)

Yep, I was a Kimber hater. I was never too impressed with the way they ran from the handful of examples I had experienced. Being a Sig/CZ/HK fan, Kimbers, while definitely pretty firearms, never really struck me as a true "working" gun. That all changed over the past few weeks.

I was on the hunt for an alloy frame commander sized 1911 to replace my Sig 1911 TacOps Carry. A sweet 1911 in its own right, but really heavy and not truly conducive to concealed carry. I had been to a few of my local shops as well as Cabelas, and they really didn't have what I was looking for.

The Kimbers were WAY out of my price range at Cabelas, and all of the other 1911s they were selling were either Officer sized, Government sized or 9mm. While I am a fan of the 9mm, I don't like it in single stack. If I am going to carry a 9mm, it should have 15 or more rounds available. .45ACP, not so much.

Since I was at Cabelas, I figured I would give the Kimbers a look. I tried the 2017 Covert Pro, and really liked the way it felt in hand. The Slide was super stiff (That should be a fun breakin there) and I felt the laser grip was unnecessary. And at almost $1400, my wife would skin me and use my scrotum as a maraca.

Next was the TLE/RL Pro in stainless. Sweet looking piece. Really sweet in fact, but too heavy for me to want to carry. If it was alloy, I would have bought it on the spot. After hemming and hawing for about 30 mins, I passed on all of them, and put the 1911 search on the back burner. Fast forward two weeks.

My wife's car decided it didn't like its head gaskets, so it popped them, leaving her without a car. Knowing that it would run me about $1500 to get it fixed, I figured it was time to unload a few pieces from my collection. I sold off my Legion 229 and a full sized P320. I ended up making about $2200 from the deal, since the Legion came with a ton of goodies. With the $1500 taken out for the car, that left me with $700 to find a 1911. Not a good starting point, I know but, what are you gonna do.

On a whim, I stopped by a shop that I normally wouldn't go to, because they have weird hours. It's a great shop and the staff is friendly, so I like to go back when I can. Perusing their stock, I noticed that they had a few 1911s, ranging from a RIA Compact (Had one already, and surprisingly a very good gun) all the way up to an STI 2011. In the middle was a Pro CDP II and a Ruger Commander. I looked at the Ruger first, because the price was right, at $700.

It was an okay piece. Looked better than any of my RIAs had, but it felt, meh. Looking at the Kimber, I noticed it was used, but appeared to be in good shape, but he was only asking $850 for it. Not a bad price considering private party sales in my area run close to retail on a Kimber. I was still leery due to my past experiences with the brand, but I asked if I could look at it and break it down.

Picking it up, I found it was the perfect weight and feel. Great checkering on the front strap and on the trigger guard (like the Legion incidentally). There were no marks on the outside, and it looked as if there was no real wear on the breech face. Using my trusty paper clip, I field stripped it and found it was super clean. A little bit of wear on the frame rails, but again, to be expect with a used alloy framed pistol. My Sigs and my Sphinx all wear in the same spots.

I decided that I would give it a shot. If it didn't work properly, I can give it to a buddy of my to look over and repair. If it did work, it would be my carry piece and my P320 Compact would play backup. I offered him $800 for it and he took it. To my surprise, it came with three mags rather than the standard one. I picked up to KimPro Tac mags while I was there.

I took it to the range last Saturday with my son to give the Kimber a beating and see how it responded. It didn't matter what I fed it, or from what mag, it just RAN! My son had two FTEs, but that was because he was limp wristing it. Not a big deal. It took 350 rounds of assorted FMJs and reloads, and about 100 rounds of different JHPs and defensive. I was very impressed. So far, I have about 800 rounds through it with only those two failures. Consider me converted and no longer a Kimber hater.

TL/DR? Boy hates Kimber. Boy buys Kimber and shoots Kimber and now doesn't hate Kimber.
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Welcome to the forum from Northern Illinois. You may find out that a number of use with Pro's have switched over to the Wilson Combat flat-wire spring setup. take a look. It takes an already great platform to a new level and gives you a longer spring MTTR.
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Congratulations on your CDP Pro II, real nice gun.
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois CDKJudoka.
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Welcome to the forum from Ohio and welcome to the Kimber club
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Welcome to the site from Tennessee. Better late than never.
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Welcome to the forum...nice back-story!
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Great story.

Sorry you lost your Legion.
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Welcome from Ohio!!
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Thanks. I am not too shook up about the loss of the Legion. I have a 226 SAO waiting in the wings.

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