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Hello from Anchorage, Alaska

I have a Pro Carry 2; a Compact CDP2; Master Carry Pro, Super Match 2, Kimber Mountain Ascent 30-06.

I plan on retiring in California in the next 6 months; looking for information on California compliant Kimbers.

Looking forward to talking to you folks on the thread.
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Welcome from Northeast, Pa sawyc2. Our California members will be around soon to fill you in on their gun laws but brace yourself because your not gonna like them.
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois sawyc2. Moving from Alaska to California is going to give you gun law shock. I'd suggest you check the laws very carefully and think twice about it. Here's an example of what you have to look forward too.

Among the changes coming as of January 2018: Californians who want to buy ammunition online or through catalogs will have to ship their purchases through a licensed dealer. And for the first time, state residents will have to undergo a background check when buying ammunition.
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Welcome to the forum from Ohio


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Welcome to the forum and good luck adjusting to California gun laws.
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Welcome to the forum from Northern Illinois.
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Sawyc2, welcome to the site from Tennessee. You have a very nice selection of Kimber's. I hope you get to keep them.

I agree with others on moving to Commiefornia. If you truly love guns and Freedom and I believe you do you will want to move to any state except California.
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Welcome to the forum from North Carolina
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Welcome to the forum from Ohio!!

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DON'T DO IT!! turn around if your. lib/democrat then you found the right place Gov Moonbeam just passed a 0.14 gas tax and 0.20 diesel tax, higher car registration and now a tax on electric cars. Everyone here is paying for the high speed rail (train to nowhere) There is not enough room to type about all the F'd up gun and ammo laws... yes ammo laws! The FFL's will be charging you out the ass to have your online ammo orders shipped to them, so it will be cheaper to pay $1.00 a round for .45 off the shelf.... limited to "X" number of rounds per day. Don't forget about the card you will have to buy so you can purchase ammo, the one with a magnetic strip so they can keep track. Now guns... I am too fired up to explain, read about it then ask the questions....

My bad.... welcome to KT, great group of people here, join in and enjoy your stay.
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