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From the land of repressive gun laws

Oi All . From on the edge of Sydney Australia . Recently bought an Eclipse Target II in 9mm with the 10 round mag . Not that we have a choice in caliber or mag sizes . Looking forward next year to shooting WA1500 and Short Barrel Service with it . Been looking for some time for a 9 but after a local range showed me this one it was a perfect fit . Went through the usual - USP , Steyr , Tisas , PPQ , Glock , TanFog and the rest but jad a hard time finding one to fit my hand . May of the above did to various degrees but until I held this pistol I did not find everything I wanted in one package . Maybe going to upgrade the sites but otherwise very happy so far
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Hello in Oz. Welcome to KimberTalk. Hope you enjoy the Eclipse. That is a beautiful gun.

I had heard via the internet that all guns in Oz had been confiscated. I guess that wasn't totally true ... but it was on the internet and everything on the internet has to be true.

Do you have to keep it locked away or stored at your gun club?
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We have in this state a very repressive structure . You can only own a pistol if you are in a pistol club . You are only allowed for target shooting . At other times locked in a safe no less the a quarter inch thick and bolted down. I have to transport mine to/from the range in a locked case that is then padlocked to a chain in the trunk of my car . Ammo chained up in a seperate locked box . A minimum number of Competition shoots a year or you loose your license . In my state no pistol over 38 unless it is a specific for silhoutte and only if your club does that type . Luckily they do not restrict Black powder half as much so i can shoot my original Army Issued 1863 build Army Colt in .44.

We also cop a 1 year probationary period where you can not own for the first six months and only 2 guns that are not the same class for the second 6 months . Plus random police checks on your safe and Ammo lockup . It is an uphill battle but that just weeds out those that are not commited. It is not easy but things that are worth it seldom are.

Mine are locked firmly at home but am waiting on my Permit to Acquire for this beauty so it's at the shop until then .

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Welcome to the forum from St.Lou...
I believe it's 10 p.m there on Friday night???
Gun laws are a bit tight there in Australia..
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois KurrajongB.
"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
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Welcome to the forum! Good for you going to all the trouble to own handguns in your country.

Maybe Americans would appreciate the freedoms & rights we have if we were better educated about laws in other countries.
If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough.

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Welcome from Ohio!


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Wink Hey Ya'll!!!

Welcome to the forum from beautiful downtown Monroe, Georgia, USA!!!
Monroe GA.jpg

Enjoy that new Eclipse Target II, if they let you do more than look at it. Shoot the hell out of it and be safe!! Send us some pictures and a range report when you get the chance (if that is allowed)!!

Maybe ya'll need to do a wholesale replacement of politicians down there. Or you could just move to the United States. I bet an Aussie could fit right in here in Georgia!!! Can you say, "Hey Ya'll"?? We'd be glad to have ya!!!
Advance Australia Fair!!!
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Hello down there! Welcome to the site from Tennessee! Well that confirms it 100%. I DO NOT WANT TO LIVE IN OZ!
Congrats on your Kimber, sounds like you are lucky to own it.
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Another welcome to the forum from Ohio!!

Ohio Chl holder
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