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Question Micro 380 FTF

I have a Kimber Micro CDP and am having a problem with it. I shot 100 rounds of remington fmj through it and on almost 50 percent of the time it would not feed and go back into battery. I did fire some Hornady Critical Defence loads through the gun and it failed to feed on the second round, but after that it seemed to do ok. (only fired 6 rounds) I had cleaned the pistol before firing and oiled it using Hoppe's oil. The next time I took the pistol out it worked fine at the range but I used instead of oil, bearing grease. I only used the Hornady Critical Defence Loads and was wondering if this could be a problem with the pistol or if it is a break in period I need to worry about?
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Welcome to KT from Northeast, Pa.

I used to have a Springfield XDS-45 and it would fail to go into battery on occasion. The gun wasn't broken in yet but I decided to try a different lube. My Sig P226 Elite Dark came with a sample of Mil-Comm TW-25B grease which Sig recommends. I read so many good things about this stuff I decided to try it on my XDS. I used it on the rails and I put a very light coat on the barrel. After that the XDS never failed to go into battery. I've been doing this on my 226 and my newly acquired 938 and had 0 malfunctions. It's a very light grease that has a wide temperature range and is very slippery.


I got it from Bass Pro when they offered free shipping. Amazon and eBay also sell it. I think it's a great product. YouTube also has videos.
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JC45, I used a grease called "Mystik JT-6" that I have had for years. I have used it for bearings on my car and it did a great job. I never thought of using this on my pistols, but it seems to do really well. I'm on a fixed income and can't do a lot of experimenting so any advice is welcome. Thank you.
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Welcome to the forum from Northern Illinois. I would suspect that if you run a few hundred rounds thru the pistol with the greased rails, you will be able to switch back to Hoppes, again just to get it broken in. Now, having said that, if the grease is working, why mess with it.
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Welcome to KT from St Lou....
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois tin man.
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Welcome to the KT Forum from Deep East Texas !

My Micro 380 really likes the Remington FMJ ammo. Early on, it did not seem to like any target ammo that was not round nose but as my round count through it got up around 1000 it began to shot them ok.

Clean, lube, shoot and repeat ! They are great little shooters
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Tin Man, welcome to the site from Tennessee.
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Welcome to the forum Tin man from southern Ca.! I use slide glide on all my guns. The brand name of grease really does not matter as long as it does what you want it to do . Grease or oil helps to prevent metal wear and also protects metal from the elements such as moisture or cold. I started using slide glide after it was recommended to me and found that it worked well. Up until then I had only oiled my guns.Oil does not stay on the parts nearly as well as grease especially after the gun heats up. I still use a light gun oil with a needle tip on the bottle to make sure I get lubricant in areas that are difficult to apply grease to. Every moving part on your gun should be lubed at the point where it comes in contact with another part.

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Thank's for all the advice from all of you. I am just worried that this pistol won't fire a second or third round if I need it to if, (and I hope that time never comes) I have to use it in self defence.
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