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Hello from Virginia

New to this Forum. Just a little info for all. Me and the wife have 7 Kimbers love them all. Just attended a 2day 1911m operators course put on by Larry Vickers he is not much fan of Kimbers. In the class I was the only Kimber a Aegis ll Custom. By the end of the class Mr. Vickers was telling me to play the lottery cause in about 500 rounds to include his relablity test my gun never hiccupped once lots of other brands did. WILSON Dan Wesson Springfield ect. he was even more suprised I was using factory Kimber mags. and I had a Aegis ll Pro with me that was just as reliable. needless to say I didn't change his mind but it felt good to havea stock factory gun that need no work to be 100%.
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You are welcome to is forum
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Welcome thunder from southern CA. Nice to hear your Kimbers performing well under pressure of a classroom type setting. Good to have you on the forum seven Kimbers is a nice number you probably have room for more in our addiction to Kimber we always can find room! We like pictures on the forum if you have any you would like to share of your guns.
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois Thunder. Considering his connection to Wilson Combat it's not surprising to hear that Larry Vickers isn't a fan of Kimbers or Kimber magazines.
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Welcome from Northeast, Pa Thunder.
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Welcome to the forum from a Middle Tennessean. I was born in SW Virginia, a mountain boy. We have Kimbers in our family plus a few more.
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Welcome to the forum from GA. That was a good intro, thanks. Glad you were able to vindicate your Kimbers! Other than him not liking Kimbers, how was his 2 day class?
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Welcome to the forum from Ohio.


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Thunder, welcome to the site from Tennessee. Very interesting intro, heard that before about Vickers, not surprising. I got a good chuckle reading that your Kimber's performed perfectly.
Seven...nice your getting there still room for more. Just goes to show it don't have to cost $4,000 to be a good shooting pistol.

Vickers sounded a disrespectful of a mans choice of pistols and magazines.
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ok tried to post from my phone didn't seem to work. About the 2 day operators course. I highly recommend it Vickers is more about accuracy than round count in 2 days we fired about 500 rounds and did a full detailed disassembly of our 1911 s . If you want to increase your skill with the 1911 this course is well worth the money. Just remember he is nota Kimber fan so you should expect some ribbing,but its all in good fun.
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