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New member from St. Louis, MO

Hello, I am a new member and new Kimber Micro Desert Tan .380 owner.

My new Kimber Micro .380 did not operate as well as I expected. I had no problem with the first mag, all six fed, fired and ejected. After that I had feed problems with the first 2 bullets then the next 4 fed and fired. This continued when I tried non-Kimber mags. If I loaded only 3 bullets in the mag it would feed and fire. All misfeeds were stuck on the ramp or partially in the chamber. Used Sig Sauer 100gr. FMJ, Winchester 95gr. FMJ, Remington 95gr. FMJ.

I am going to order a few more Kimber mags and clean and lube the Micro .380 and try some different ammo. Before calling Kimber.

I fired the same ammo thru my Colt Mustang Pocketlite .380 and Ruger LCP II without a failure to feed, fire or eject.

Any Suggestions?
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A big welcome to KT from St Lou.....I will let the Micro 380 owners chime in since I don't own one.....
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A big welcome to the Kimber Talk Forum....I live in the Middle Tennesse area of Tennessee. Clean it good, lube it down...preload some mags and mess with them. My wife's was a little contrary to start out with until we got it broke in. Hers like the American Eagle brand of ammo. When we go to the range...I load a clip and rapid fire about two of them, then I let her shoot some. Hey, is Joey B's still there near the Arch?
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois Samson.
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Originally Posted by Markie View Post
Hey, is Joey B's still there near the Arch?
Heck yeah it is....Right down on The Landing within walking distance of the Arch........{cough cough...I may have heard of it I meant}....
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Welcome to the site from Tennessee.
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Welcome to the forum from the Metro East.
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Welcome to the forum from Ohio.


NRA Life Member
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Welcome to the forum from Northern Illinois.
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Hey Ya'll!!!

Welcome to KT from beautiful downtown Monroe, Georgia!!!
Monroe-Beautiful Downtown Monroe 2.jpeg

Congrats on the new Micro Carry. Sorry to hear that you are having issues with it. As others have said, be sure to clean and lube it and use Kimber recommended ammunition. I had a similar issue with my Pro Carry II and this video helped me take care of the problem. Try this:

I realize that the video is on a 1911 and you have a Micro. However, I believe that the mechanics of the two are the same or very similar. Therefore, the adjustment should be the same. Sounds like you have a loose extractor to me. Give your Micro the tension test to find out. Let us know how this works out for you. If you still have issues after you make the extractor adjustment and complete the break in, it's time to call Kimber Customer Service. The folks at Customer Service are magicians and do wonderful things!! They will make your Kimber perform up to your expectations!!


I used to live in Missouri.....KC side of the state.
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