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New guy

Not only am I new to this forum, I am new to forums. I have recently Joined the Kimber family with the purchase of a Pro Carry II.

My main concern with it arose yesterday, with an accidental discharge (AD). From condition one while in the process to clear the gun, when I took the slide safety off it fired. Has anyone had this problem? I am 99.44% no finger was on the trigger.
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Welcome to the forum from middle Tenn. Never heard of this on any 1911 from condition one. I suspect your finger was on the trigger and you just didn't realize it. Good luck going forward, be careful.
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Welcome from Mid Michigan. For added safety when clearing a cocked and locked 1911. Do not engage the grip safety when clearing the chambered round.

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Eeek! So no one was hurt but something must have gotten damaged! I hope you were outside when it happened. Wow, welcome to the forum!
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Welcome to KT from Northeast, Pa.
If you didn't touch the trigger than you should be calling Kimber CS tomorrow. Good luck and be real careful.
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Welcome to the site from Tennessee.

YIKES! Speachless...SMH.

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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois Hawgman86. I don't know what your level of experience with a 1911 is. If your new to the gun then I'd suggest you have someone like a range officer check it out. If it proves to be faulty then give Kimbers customer service a call.

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Welcome to the forum from Ohio.


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Welcome to the forum from Northern Illinois. Some great advice above, so I will leave you with my welcome and best of luck.
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