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Hello all!

Hello all. New member from Ohio here. 37 years old, originally from Wisconsin but currently living in Columbus, OH.
Lately, Ive been kicking around the idea of picking up a 1911 to replace my Browning Buckmark. I love the Buckmark but its defense value is pretty low, so Im looking to move up.
Im planning on pulling the trigger on something this month. Ive done a lot of research and I think that I like Kimber better than Springfield (the Ranger Officer looks kind of cheap, IMO). I also considered an HK or a Walther but I just cant get past the looks of poly guns. I know that theyre probably better than a 1911 but I like metal and wood grips, not plastic.
Right now, Im kind of leaning toward the Kimber Micro. I want something for defense and for messing around at the range, plus it would be nice to have something I could conceal carry if I should choose to.
I also considered a Micro 9 but as someone who is a big John Browning fan, something about a 1911 in 9mm just seems wrong to me. Any time that Id need to use the gun for defense would likely be up close and nasty, so I think a .380 ACP would be just fine.
Ive read some on Kimbers having failure to feed and stovepipe issues but that doesnt seem to be much different from some of the issues you hear with any other 1911s (other than the old ones that had looser tolerances), so Im not that worried about it. I dont buy the nonsense from Springfield fanboys who say that their Range Officers never jam but theyve got a, "buddy" who used to have a Kimber that jammed all the time.
Anyways, thats me.
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Welcome to the forum from Northern Indiana
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Welcome to the forum from Northern Illinois.

I'm sure you will get some great feedback from the rest of the folks around hear, but in general sounds like you have at least made it through all the FUD in the marketplace. Both Micro's, 380 or 9mm are largely shrunk 1911's and as with all products, there are a small percentage that require more break-in time, or sadly, a trip back to the 'mother ship' in Yonkers for tweaks. The good news is that Kimber has the best Customer Service in the marketplace. Keep in mind, Kimber is the leader in their space.

I'm sure you will enjoy any Kimber you may decide on, and of course you are always welcome to drop by here and ask questions.
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois Badgerstate. I don't think you can go wrong with any Kimber you choose. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about the various models.
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Welcome to the forum from Lorain county


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Welcome from Northeast, Pa. I have a 5" RO in 9mm and it's been 100% reliable, my Kimber guns have also been very reliable. The RO was an $800 gun and doesn't have all the bells and whistles of my Kimber 1911's. The slide to frame fit is much better on the Kimber. At the end of the day they all work and it's all a matter of how much you want to spend and what features your looking for. Good luck in your search.
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Welcome from middle Tenn. I have read some people have had Micro 9 issues on here, and some people have issues with all guns, however I have had nothing but great results from my Micro 9. It's my favorite carry weapon right now. Good luck with whatever you decide.
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Well I'm going to overlook your comment "poly guns are probably BETTER than 1911," except I'll say: in no universe is a poly gun better than a 1911...they get the job done, shoot fine, BUT they have no SOUL.

There are some fine 1911's chambered in 9mm, including Kimber.

Welcome to the site from Tennessee!

Chose a Kimber, Custom, Pro or Ultra .45acp or 9mm model and it will be fine, it could need a little fine tuning but the 13 I own have not had any problems.

Springfield, Ruger, Colt make some nice 1911 pistols, there are a lot of Sig owners here also.
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Welcome to the forum from GA. Good luck with whatever you choose, both the M9 and M380 are fun to shoot and accurate. Check out the Micro and the Micro 9 forums for feedback, problems, or lack of problems that the KT community have had. I have both pistols, have had less issues with my M9 but the 380 is coming around and I really like the little pistol. Either one of them are easy to conceal. M9 issues are related to the extended mags, the 380 has had loading or ejection failures.
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Welcome to the forum Badgerstate! If your LGS has the models you are considering I suggest you handle each one you are considering. How a gun feels in my hand impacts how I shoot. I can shoot any hand gun out there but if it does not feel comfortable in my hand I feel my accuracy suffers. As far as a Micro .380 vs a Micro 9 I do not own either one presently. Hope to own one someday I really like the choices the Micro 9 offers. If you want a true 1911 platform gun with a grip safety then you need to look at the Ultra's. I have an Ultra Carry II I just love. Lot of choices out there. Just remember when you buy your first Kimber it probably wont be your last. I started with one 1911 now have seven four are Kimbers! Enjoy your purchase whatever you decide!
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