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New to 1911

I just picked up the Custom II two-tone I've been looking at the past year+. I hope it t shoots well and reliably. I'm used to DA/SA Sig's. Anyone?
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois DeepThought and congratulations on the new Kimber. Clean and oil it before making that first range trip and stick with .230 gr RN fmj ammo for the first 500 rounds and you should be good to go.
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It will take you some time to get used and comfortable carrying condition 1, cocked and locked. I was used to DA/SA pistols and it took me a while to feel comfortable carrying one in the chamber with the hammer back, but that's how the 1911 should be carried.
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DeepThought, welcome to the site from Tennessee. Your new Custom II should be fine, follow Chucks advise.
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Welcome to the forum from southern CA.

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Welcome from Northeast, Pa. I have several DA/SA guns, a Sig P226 Elite Dark being one of them and I don't think you will have much of an issue adapting. If you plan on carrying your Kimber practice disengaging the safety when drawing the gun.
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Welcome to the forum!
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Welcome to the forum from Northern Illinois.
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You're in trouble now!

Our new friend Deep,

Save your lunch money Deep, 1911s are addicting. Shooting and owning John M. Browning's baby is not like anything else. I too have Sig autos and I do love them...but my 1911s are the center pieces of my collection. I'm just now breaking in my first 9mm, 1911. It is really funny how much different a 9 feels than a .45, and not just the recoil, just different. When I find that right lotto ticket ...I want 1911 1911s.

Enjoy your new 1911, shoot safe.
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Welcome aboard.
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