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New member from NC

Good evening all,

Got home from the local gun show a few hours ago. We were there to get my wife an ultra sub compact for concealed carry, and while she did find one she liked and bought (S&W Bodyguard .380), I was also casually browsing, as I've been wanting to pickup a new 9mm for a while. It's been over a decade since I've added anything to my modest firearm collection.

But I'm almost never much of an impulse buyer, especially on anything that costs over $50-$100. I'm a type-A do tons of research prior to buying kind of guy.

However, after checking out, picking up, and holding several dozen 9mm's this afternoon (Lots of Sigs, Rugers, Walthers, Glocks, CZs, Desert Eagles, to name a few) - nothing felt as good in my hand, and had the looks to match, as the Micro 9 Woodland Night that one of the booth's had.

I'm not a very sophisticated/technical gun buyer or seasoned gun aficionado but I do own several and have shot thousands of rounds over my lifetime. Anyway, the way it fit my hand, the slide and trigger action, the size/weight, and color/design were just all on point for me.

I am planning on getting my concealed carry permit soon, my recent desire for a 9mm didn't necessarily coincide with that and I was loosely planning on buying something else for CC later after I got my permit. However, the fact that the Micro 9 seemed to quench my thirst both for a new 9mm in general and had the added bonus of being light and small enough to double as a CC only seemed to seal my fate.

Of course I've heard of Kimber before but never owned one and haven't ever really done any research on them up to now.

The sales guy was talking it up quite a bit too, of course. Seems like he embellished a bit as well to pique my interest. He told me how Kimber was the pinnacle of handguns and how they were the best of the best (I realize this is subjective and could certainly be how some people feel). He said it was made out of some material I'd never heard of that was the 2nd strongest metal next to titanium or something (apparently a straight out lie, as Kimber's website clearly shows its aluminum). And when I asked him what he thought about the build quality of Sigs vs Kimber, he said that Kimbers were all hand made - and while Sigs were definitely really good guns, that they were mass produced and not made by hand (I haven't checked into this one yet, but it didn't sound right and I'm fairly sure was B.S.)

I went against my usual judgment of immersing myself in research first and just bought it.

Naturally, as soon as I got home, I had to start doing some digging online to see if I had made a good decision.

I can't say that I'm super encouraged by the reports I've seen anecdotally around the web so far, including or especially this forum, regarding Kimber's quality control or reputation for issues. Nor the fact that Kimber only has a one year warranty, when I know most of the other big names give you lifetime ones. I just assumed since I was paying a relatively premium price, and I vaguely remembered hearing or reading some reviews or other passing comments from an owner or two of Kimbers in the past that they were a 'premium' brand - that it would have a lifetime warranty and that it'd be reliable.

I'm hoping that when I take it to the range (ideally tomorrow for starters) that it's not going to disappoint me. Or even worse, fail on me when I need it the most since I was planning on it becoming my CC piece.

Again, I know basic safety and how to shoot devently I believe, but I know very little about the technical aspects of firearms. So it's intimidating reading some of the threads in the Micro 9 forum from more experienced and proficient owners who say to do this or that first (checking and or adjusting ejectors, looking for variances on some other components I know nothing about, pencil tests, and a plethora of other things that are currently over my head, etc).

I've also mostly bought used guns prior to this when it came to handguns. Either that or I think my only other new purchases up to now were either very reliable big names and perhaps weren't as delicate/finicky or I was just fortunate with those purchases (Ruger .45, Glock 17, Walther P99), because I've really never done anything special in regards to 'breaking in' a new gun. I've just loaded her up and started shooting. And I've not been entirely neglectful with cleaning but I certainly have never been one to clean after every trip to the range or the woods to shoot. And I think I can recall maybe one single incident where I had a handgun fail to fire or eject on me. And after clearing that one stray round, it never happened again. I've had a rifle or two jam here and there (looking at you Mini 14) but again, can still probably count on one hand the number of times it's happened to me in over 20 years of owning and shooting long and short guns.

Some of the Kimber stories I've read so far are making me want to educate myself and fast on brushing up my proficiency on good break in practices (esp any Kimber specific ones), quality of ammo, and other maintenance/care steps and troubleshooting that I've not had to be familiar with before now.

I realize no company or brand is perfect. Maybe I've just read about a handful of unlucky souls and the problems aren't as widespread as it might seem. I've obviously seen lots of people chime in to report zero issues whatsoever with their Kimbers. I also understand the nature of internet forums related to a particular product, brand, etc. It's statistically only ever really a small fraction of the total number of people who bought and own the product who choose to participate in forums like this - and in addition to that, human nature is that when a product works as expected, you're way less likely to post or seek out forums or outlets to vent or rant or ask questions than if you've experienced issues. These things combined can often lead to a skewed perception or reputation of a product, ESPECIALLY within said forum, if you don't have some perspective on the previously mentioned odds.

Fingers crossed.

Otherwise, if I do have issues, I will probably just try to catch it early, send it in for warranty repair, and then sell it and buy a Sig or other higher end CC appropriate gun that I actually do my homework on first and is known for its reliability.

Sorry for the long introduction post. Regardless of the above, it really is nice to be here otherwise and hopefully I'll be a happy member of the Kimber family for a long time to come.

A few photos attached.

Cheers all!

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Welcome to the forum from middle Tenn. That a great looking M9, good luck with it and hope you enjoy it as much as I have mine.
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Welcome from AL. Beautiful gun. I know you'll get conflicting reports on all guns but I love my Kimbers and am turning my hubby (a striker fire man) into a Kimber fan as well after shooting my guns. I'm sure you've already heard this but be sure to clean and lube your gun well before going to the range. Hope you enjoy shooting your M9 and I look forward to your range report.
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Welcome from southern CA.

Where freedom dwells is my country!

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Welcome from Northeast, Pa. Congratulations on your Micro 9.
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Welcome to the forum!
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Welcome to the forum from Northern Illinois. Give it a good cleaning before your first range session, and run it a 'bit wet' for the break-in period. You will be fine, and IF you should have any problems the Kimber Customer Svc will take good care of you.
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Granted, some people have had problems with their Kimbers but so do other gun owners. I've had issues with my Micro 380 but my other Kimbers, including my Micro 9 are all running perfectly! Kimber has great customer service & will make your pistol right if needed. Hope you have a good experience with your M9 too. I love mine, it's fun to shoot & very accurate. Clean it & lube it wet before taking it to the range. Use good quality ammo, try some 124 gr or 147 ammo too. I always review all the basics before I shoot: grip, stance, breathing, keep wrists locked, & trigger finger placement. Sometimes the problem with the gun is the shooter. And welcome to the forum!
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just hold on tight when you shoot it.
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Welcome from Ohio! !

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