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Introducing myself

Hey all. I just bought my first kimber a few days ago, a K6S. I bought my first gun, a glock 17 on my 21st birthday. I now own a few different pistols and rifles, but until the kimber the glock was my favorite. After purchasing the glock I fell into the trap of buying cheap guns just to build up my arsenal, but that only led to dissapointment. Between the ages of 21 and 27(which is my current age) I bought the glock, a hi-point 9mm carbine rifle, a raven mp-25, a sccy 9mm, a smith&wesson mp15 rifle and now the kimber K6S. I absolutely love my glock, s&w, and my kimber. Everything is just a paper weight at this point. That's what made me decide to buy the kimber. I wanted a good gun, I loved my good guns and anything that I bought based on price I ended up hating. enough cheap crap just to fill the safe or my pocket. A gun can be a lifelong buy, so you should spend more and get what you want.
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Welcome and watch out they are addictive, you can't just have one.
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois dirtydave and congratulations on the new K6S.
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Welcome from NC.
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Welcome to the forum!
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Welcome to the forum DD. Ah yes, wisdom comes with age...unfortunately so does the money and the ability to spend more, but you are on the right track now! Hope you will be happy with your Kimber purchase, good luck!
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Welcome to the forum from St Lou and congratulations on your new revolver.

I like you already because you already admitted buying a Hi-Point and many people don't. ...

It's not a bad gun and when I shot my friends I figured out how they came up with the name for that gun because it's shot so low and you have to have a high point of aim to hit anything...
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Welcome from southern CA. Since you are fairly new to firearms (6-7 years) Sounds to me you are learning to appreciate the better build and machining the slightly more expensive pistols and rifles cost. One thing you will learn over time is if you do your research and buy smart then you can always get your money back if you sell. When you buy the inexpensive models you lose money and cannot truly enjoy shooting and owning a fine firearm!

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Welcome to the best forum around, listening to the old pros on here, lots of good advice. Hey, I am a Middle Tennessean....
Retired and loving it.
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Welcome from Ohio!!

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