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New member Some Solo DC pre purchase concerns

I also put something under the Solo section..

I've had had various guns G19,27,43, Star 45, Airweight 38 Spec etc, rifles, shotguns but only got really interested in shooting seriously a few yrs ago when I retired in 2013..

I was a practicing, competing Black Belt Martial Artist for over 25 yrs and instructor in TKD so I've always been interested in Self Defense.. Worked in a very well known Gym in Westwood Cali when I was young as a gym instructor, some of the rams use to come in Dryer, Youngblood and a few others.. It was a great education; UCLA athletes and S.C. also, all the big weight lifters came in as this was established long before Golds Gym the owner Bruce Connors trained and put on shows with Jack Lalane on the sands of Muscle Beach in the 40's they were gymnasts and weight trainers.. Bruce was a so we had a few Mr Universes, also we had many Olympic players that trained there along with the movie and music set.. Kool place for a young man..LOL that's where I met my wife of 35yrs mother of 2 of my 3 children..
I played drums on and off for years professionally and semi professionally.. I also had my Woodfinishing and painting biz goin on for 45yrs. Married 35 yrs two kids, 5 grand kids.. Bizness for 45 yrs.. All good stuff.

Now I'm into what all you are into and have been for years.. I am really enjoying this journey but it takes time like anything else.. I love the art and hope to become more knowledgeable and accurate as I move on..

Kimbers are a Beautiful Thing, lol I'm just not sure about this Solo piece yet But I have a positive outlook and ready to take it on.

I'm all ears, thank you for your input and this site.

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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois Blfinish. We've got people on both sides of the fence on the Solo. Some run great right out of the box, some have to be sent back to Kimber for a tuneup and some just refuse to run, hopefully you've got a good one.
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Hey, B.
I gave you my opinion in the other thread. But my Solo went back to the factory three times. Eventually Kimber just threw up their hands and quit. They gave me credit on another gun. In the end, I ended up spending much more than if I had just bought the other gun outright. I ended up paying too much for a gun that I normally wouldn't have purchased in the first place. Caveat emptor, bro.
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Welcome to the forum, Blfinish.
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Welcome to the forum.
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My answer is also in the other thread you started.

Love my Solo DC LG.
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Originally Posted by RustyIron View Post
Hey, B.
I gave you my opinion in the other thread. Caveat emptor, bro.
I know and I appreciate your thoughts and words but I'm gonna dive in now and like I said on the other thread.. I'll keep you posted

Blessings Bro
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Welcome to the forum from Ga. Well, I hope you turn out to be one of those members who love their Solo, good luck with it!
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Welcome from Ohio!!
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Another welcome to the forum from Ohio.
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