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Good morning from Florida! I just purchased my first Kimber, a micro 9 Woodland night. I have several Colt 1911s and have had one since the late 1970s a I also have a Colt Mustang and Colt Government 380 but decided that I wanted to get into 9mm and still be able to pocket carry. When I saw the Kimber micro 9 it spoke to me, I just thought it was so much better looking than the Sig. I can't wait to get it to the range, I hope it shoots as good as it looks!
Anyway, thanks for letting me join in the forum.
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Welcome to our little Kimber forum family from the high desert of central Oregon.

You'll love your Micro 9....I know I love mine!
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois.
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Welcome to Kimber Talk!

We are always happy to get new members you are more than welcome. We like fresh opinions and information! As you can tell the requirements are not very restrictive. Chuck lets in most anybody heck I am proof of that. We like pictures of Guns and most anything related to them targets accessories the pictures are great for us members that don't read so good.
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Welcome from middle Tenn. You are right, it is much better looking.
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Welcome Ztug! I'm in Florida too and just purchased a Micro 9 (will pickup Thurs or Fri due to waiting period). Previously I owned a S&W Walther PPK, and a H&K P30. I LOVED my PPK but it just wasn't reliable. The Micro 9 just "spoke to me" as well. It reminds me of the PPK... but hoping for good reliability and looking forward to my carry permit. Feel free to Private Message me.
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Old 10-09-2017, 01:19 PM   #7
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Welcome to the forum from GA. Good luck with your Micro 9, I hope you will enjoy it and let us know how it works out for you!
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Welcome again and congratulations.
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Welcome from NC.
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Welcome to the Kimber Talk Forum from a Middle Tennessean. Going to mention, Clean and oil well before going to shoot! We go to Florida every now and then to the other place.
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