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Solo vs Micro 9

Got a Solo I really like. Not crazy about the long striker trigger though. More used to my 1911's. Not sure I'd like a micro "cocked and locked" in my front jeans pocket though. Any thoughts?
New to the forum .
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois jongilbert72, I don't have the Kimber Micro guns but do have the Sig P938 and P238 (identical guns to the Kimbers). I have no problem carrying either gun in my pocket using a good pocket holster.

How about stopping by our "New Member Introduction" sub forum and introducing yourself to the membership?
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I carry a Sig P938 in a DeSantis Nemisis pocket holster. Trigger protected and haven't shot my self yet. Kind of tight in a jeans pocket though. Prefer cargos for pocket carry. With jeans I use a Talon IWB in the appendix position.
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Welcome from Northeast, Pa.

I really don’t understand why someone would be comfortable carrying a striker-fired gun with a round chambered but not a single-fired gun with a safety. I personally always carry a gun in a holster. I’ve never used a pocket holster but I would if I decided to pocket carry. If you keep your finger off the trigger neither gun is going to fire unintentionally.

Question for anyone who uses a pocket holster. Do they stay put when drawing your gun ?
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The safeties on the Micro are bigger than on the Solo. I worry they could unintentionally be disengaged in a pocket. The pocket holster mentioned in the other posts probably solves that issue.
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I've carried both in my side pocket, both in a galco pocket holster. No problems, holster stays put. There is a definite click on the safeties, never had one switch off.
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Welcome to the forum. I don't carry in my pocket, got a holster on the side.
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I will occasionally carry the Solo or the P938 in a Remora pocket holster. Cargo pants or loose jeans. Never any worries, problems or surprises with either weapon.
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I had too many handguns if that is possible? I sold my Sig 938 also sold a PPK and a model 38 S&W over the last three years. I still have my Solo, and several other Kimbers , Colts and S&W's.
Love the Solo can't respond about a Micro never had one.
I do see they are having issues also. No big deal break them in or send them back to be repaired by KIMBER . They can be made to work great I'm sure.
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Welcome to the forum!
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