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Noobie from the UK

... and now resident in the midwest USA. Never even seen a gun until literally a few weeks ago, being British and all that....

I went into a gun shop and browsed, amazed and breathless, at all the hardware that I would never see in the UK and, seeing as the chap behind the counter was taking pity on this Limey, took me downstairs to the range and took my virginity by letting me loose with a 1911 and 10 rounds.
Loved it - bought the 10 year old out in me, it did.

So, I had a browse, also had a chat with a few people there, and bought a Kimber Pro Carry 2. Not a totally uninformed choice, but I liked the look and I liked the rosewood grips...
I also booked myself into a day's firearms training run my a local police officer which was imperative for me.

I am not interested in self or home defence, nor could I possibly hunt, but, my god, I love punching holes in paper!

Lovely gun - have put 250 rounds of .45 through it - only issue is that the grips keep coming loose and I have to wield an Allen key to tighten it up.

I had to wait 3 days before picking it up due to the fact I'm a green card holder, not a citizen yet.

A couple of odd things... when I got it home and took it out of the case I have to admit to feeling viscerally unwell and breathtakingly anxious, like I had done something awful and irreversible...such is the imprinting that all of us have in the UK with respect to guns. That has passed but it's still a very weird thing for me to own. The other is going into a store and uttering sentences to the staff there that I never thought I'd ever utter like "What kinds of 45 ammo do you stock?".

All bizarre but enjoyable. I moved to the US to expand my horizons; this is all part of it.
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Welcome to KT from Northeast, Pa.
Congratulations on your Pro Carry. Give that gun a cleaning and some lube and go punch some holes in paper. Then report back.
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Welcome to the forum from Ohio! Enjoy your new pistol and be safe!
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois and congratulations on becoming a Kimber owner Dave.

The loose grip screw can be cured by placing a small rubber o-ring under the screw head. You can pick them up in a hardware store, home center or order them online from McMaster-Carr.

#60 o-rings fit grip screws on full size 1911.
1/4" O.D. X 1/8" I.D. X 1/16".
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Thank you folks!

And yes, I plan to at least go once a week to hit some paper. It's like throwing darts in the pub - except that it's a lot noisier and a tad more dangerous!
Oh, and it doesn't go too well with drinking beer I suspect...

Yes - a nice piece of machinery - a great 'boys toys' for me to play with.
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Welcome to America, Dave!
Next thing is to learn to eat apple pie and sing the Star Spangled Banner as you shred those paper targets.
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I moved to the US to expand my horizons

Welcome and hope this is only the beginning!

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Welcome to the forum!
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Dave? Hope that's your name, anyway welcome to America, Kimber Talk, gun ownership, I guess the list is unlimited so I'll stop. Congrats on your first pistol, Kimber you picked an excellent model for your first pistol.
We look forward to hearing the UK prospective of anything you want to share. No worries about only using it to punch paper.

Word around here is it won't be your last Kimber. You can tell from my signature how I know.
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Wow that is quite a list of hardware! It's getting time out to use them that I'm struggling with - the local one to me closes at 4pm so I have to travel into town, 3/4 hour away to the range in the shop where I bought it. I've passed 250 rounds through it in 2 sessions with no failures or jamming...
Taking it down for a clean for the first time was a bit of a challenge but I think I've got that sussed now.
I found some good (ie cheap) ammo too - Winchester service grade 45 ACP for just over $15 for 50 rounds so I've stocked up on that...
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