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Soon to be new Micro 9 owner

Hello all,

I'll hopefully be a new Micro 9 owner after Black Friday.

Browsed a bit on here already, but haven't really found any stickied threads for newbie FAQs or anything. So for starters, any suggested threads for a good defense round out of a 3" barrel (I already have a few good ideas from Google, just interested in some personal testimony) and any general tips for a new Micro 9 owner (I have started reading some of the possible "issues" some have experienced, but I was looking for a more generalized thread)?

Thank you!

As far as my story goes, I've been shopping around for a concealed carry option and while I initially liked the Sig 938 for the name and total package, I ultimately decided it was no where near worth the money to me. My primary criteria were 9mm, single stack, and extended magazine (for enough grip area). All this balanced against price, because for its primary purpose, I didn't need a 25 yard tack driver. I then looked at the cheaper range of what was out there, like Taurus and Bersa, since I figured that initial quality wasn't too much of a concern as I plan on firing it enough to both become comfortable and determine if whatever pistol I get has any underlying issues. In my opinion, any manufacturer can make a lemon and even those that happen to make a greater number of them will generally stand behind their work with warranties until they get it right. However, I then found some good sales on Kimbers coming up and figured it would be worth it for their reputation. While I haven't had personal experience with Kimber, here's hoping that I'll be pleasantly surprised.
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Thumbs up

I recently bought my first Kimber, A micro 9mm Raptor and I must say I've had no issues whatsoever
I asked the forums opinions and they steered me in the right direction
You won't be sorry with a Kimber micro 9mm I assure you
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois GoCart.
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Welcome from NC.
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Put it my Christmas wishlist micro9delgrip,hope I've been good

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Welcome from middle Tenn. I've had no issues with my Micro 9, could'nt be happier with it. I use Critical Defense for my carry ammo and have been pleased with it. Good luck with the new Micro 9.
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Congrats! I liked my Micro 9 Raptor so much I purchased another in the desert tan variety.

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Welcome from Michigan I have a .380 but, down the road will probably get a 9mm. I shoot my husbands Sig 938 and like that too. I am just Kimber lover now and will get another when the time comes. I use Critical Defense also.
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Gocart welcome to the forum from East Texas
There is a wealth of information here
100 % Texagun
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Welcome to KT Gocart !
Bought my Micro 9 Stainless a little over a year ago. I've not had any issues whatsoever.
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