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Hello Kimber World!

Hi there my fellow Kimberlievers! Finally I got to own a gun and Iím very glad and anxious as well to have own a Kimber Micro 9. Well, probably many of you had been into the hard process of choosing their first gun. As for me itís really hard because of a lot of Kimber haters out there but as one fellow said ďLots of Kimber haters never owned a KimberĒ and I took his word. The other fellow also said, ďThe Best gun is the one that you ownĒ and I took his word also. I never doubted Kimber as it is my dream gun since I was a young kid. Back then itís just a revolver and a 1911 and I like the 1911 looks as compared to a j framed revolver. But going back to choosing, Iím really having a hard time between Glock 26, M&P Shield 9 and this KM9. So, how did I decide on KM9? 1st itís my dream gun, 2nd itís the slimmest among the 3, 3rd its the lightest as well, and 4th itís a Kimber. Overall itís all about cocealability. The brand and reputation are based on personal opinion. No matter what gun it is, itís better than a baseball bat. BTW, before I forget my name is Bill from Minnesota married with 1 child and I protect them with my Micro 9 on a Federal HST 150gr.
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois Bill and congratulations on the new Micro 9.
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Welcome to KT from Northeast, Pa Bill. Congratulations on your Micro 9. Clean and lube your new gun and go have some fun.
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Greetings from Texas. I know you'll enjoy your Micro 9, I do mine. Definitely go to the range and put a couple hundred rounds through it. Let us know how she did.
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Bill, welcome to the site from Tennessee. Congrats on the new Micro9.
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Bill - welcome to the site. I hope you'll enjoy your micro 9. I love mine! You should take the opportunity to tear it down and clean and lube it before you shoot it. It will make a huge difference.
Thanks! John
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Welcome to the forum from Ohio.
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Welcome from AL. My hubby loves his Micro 9 and hope you will too. Look forward to some pics of it and your range report!
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Welcome from another Tennessean....live near the Middle.
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Welcome to the forum, Bill.
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