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Greetings from the Left Coast

Bought my first handgun a year ago, a S&W M&P Shield 9mm. I asked by good buddy, an avid gun enthusiast/collector, what is a good first gun? And so there it started. A reliable, concealable if needed, handgun that wouldn't break the bank, and was a "controllable caliber for it's size". I also bought a S&W M&P Sport AR-15 that day, which I had no intention of doing when I walked in. I have put over 1000 rounds through both of them since picking them up. Speaking of picking them up, I live in Kalifornia (yes, I've recieved all the comments about living in California from other forum members, so have at out if you must) so I can only pick up one handgun per 30 days (no limit on long guns which makes no sense, I know). I can buy as many as I want, but only "bail out" one per month. My second handgun purchase was a Glock 23 (.40), a few days after taking my Shield to the range. This is when it hit me. The addiction, and the fact that I "needed" to make my purchases in advance so I could have something in the bullpen when my thirty day period was up. Things just went downhill from there. #3 was a Glock 21 (.45 ACP) and #4 was a stainless steel Springfield 1911 A1. I quickly got over the pop of the 9, found a warm spot in my heart for the heavier hitting .40, and needed to feel the powerful thump of the .45. Seeing as I already had a Glock in my soon to be way too small of a safe, I decided to bail out the Springer and leave the G21 locked up at my FFL's for a later date. A much later date. Once I experienced the feel of a 1911 in my hands, I began to spiral out of control. I was on GunBroker every day, looking at every 1911 that was on the Ca. DOJ list of approved handguns. (Yes, we have a list) I found another Springfield 1911, the parkerized version of my A1 for price I couldn't pass up. Then there was the used Sig TTT that I knew little about, except for it looked really cool and I knew Sig had a reputation for making quality handguns. I placed my bid and what do you know? I was now the owner of three 1911's. Actually only had one in my possession but the other two were paid for. I also kept coming back to the Kimber models on the list, and man were they beautiful! Pricey? Yes. But if I could add a Kimber to my collection, I'd feel complete and could stop buying guns. Enter the Stainless Raptor Custom II.....then the TLE II, then the "Custom Shop" Stainless TLE, the Custom Eclipse II, and last but not least, the Custom Carry Stainless. All in .45, half in my possession.

My name is Dale, and I'm a Kimberholic. I don't always shoot 1911's, but when I do, it's a Kimber.

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rofl3.gif There's a 12 step program for this, but why bother? Enjoy.
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Just got a stainless TLE and love it. I believe Osage County guns is running a special again ($700-$800). BTW, I have a Sig p226 SAO. A FINE gun with a 20 round mag. I actually use it as a carry depending on dress. Easy to clean, which my achy fingers appreciate. When you get a Kimber, make sure to post pics!
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Welcome from Northeast, Pa Dale.
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois Dale.
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Welcome from NC.
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Welcome to the forum from Ohio!


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Dale, welcome to the site from Tennessee. Nice start on the Kimber collection.

Living in California: Bless Your Heart!
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Welcome aboard from the high desert of central Oregon....and from another confessed Kimberholic.

The 1911 has been a part of my life since 1965, so I can relate to your recent obsession over the thing. There are many others in my safe, but you'll always find a 1911 on my person, 24/7, and always a Kimber.

You'll find lots of purchasing mentors here, so even though you're in Kommiefornia with all it's silly restrictions, the Kimbers will still strangely multiply in your safe.
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If you are coming here for help in raining in your habit, you're screwed
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