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Talking Newbie from Kalifornistan

Hi Guy, great to be joining this forum. So I am prequalified in OC for CCW and will be qualifying with my new Kimber Ultra Carry. I am not your run of the mill white gun enthusiast. I am Korean by birth but an American, huge Trump support who graduated from the most liberal University known as Berkeley. Sure I was a hippy with long hair in college and wanted to be a Ranger to protect the forest. I know, I was lost and swallowed the biggest BS in the world had to offer but now I saw the light right after graduation.

Any who, I have one problem, when I went to my FFL and looked at my gun, there are sites but no dots to point at? WTH right? I need suggestions on how to paint site or purchase sights without having to pay $100 for night sights. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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Neon fingernail polish on the front sight your choice of color. It will stand out well between the two black blades of the rear sight.

Welcome to the forum from Mid Michigan.
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Welcome to the clubhouse from central California! You can find some sights for you pistola, maybe someone here or hop on and see if you can find some there.
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Welcome to the forum from GA. Glad you made it out of darkness...hahaha.
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A long haired Korean Trump lover from Berkeley?
Welcome, from North OC.

Join the NRA
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Welcome to the site from Tennessee. Kick it old school Bro, glow in the dark nail polish, back in the day we just had to use "Red" glowing did not exist.
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Welcome from another one from the Fresno area. Glad you overcame that Cal indoctrination!!
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Cool Hey Ya'll!!

Welcome to the Kimber Talk Forum from beautiful downtown Monroe, Georgia!!
Monroe-Welcome To Monroe.jpg

Congrats on the new Ultra Carry II. Nice pistol. Be sure to follow Kimber instructions for cleaning and lube prior to first range session. Also make sure that you use Kimber recommended ammunition. This will help during the break in period!!

Wow, a tree hugging hippie from Berkeley!! Did that leave a mark or anything?? Glad to hear that you saw the light and escaped from the Pit of Misery. You are now a True Friend of the Crown!!!

Glad to have you with us. Feel free to jump right into the discussions. We value new thoughts and ideas. Lookin' forward to hearing more from you in the future!!
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Welcome from S Florida. Hope you enjoy your stay!...
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Welcome from Northeast, Pa.
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