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Howdy, Kimber-ites...

Hello out there... I found this forum while looking for any and all information on the Solo 9mm, since I just acquired one.

I'm not new to firearms and I'm also not new to Kimber, I'm happy to say! My daily carry for years was a Pro Carry II HD in .38 Super and I still have it to this day. It's also still working flawlessly.

Recently I've been carrying a Kahr CM9, which has been outstanding, but it's not a Kimber, obviously! I've always lusted after the quality of a Solo, and I happened to see one at a great price today, so it followed me home. I've done some minor testing with it today, and I think it's going to work out just fine once I zero in on what ammo it prefers.

As my signature says, I've been a hand loader for decades and around firearms all my life. I spent some years as a federal agent and carried every day, although back in those days we carried revolvers, believe it or not! A S&W M66 and/or a S&W M60 in my case. I've done minor gunsmithing over the years and I hope that I'll be able to contribute to this forum should I have any expertise that someone can benefit from!

Take care, and I'll be out here perusing the forum for a while, getting familiar with you guys.
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois Roger, I'm glad you found us and hope to see you become an active member.
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Welcome to the forum from WVa ... lots of good people and info to be found here.
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Welcome to the site from Tennessee. Thank You for your military and federal agent service.
I wish you all the best with the Solo, just like Forrest Gump that's all I'm going to say about that.
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Welcome from NC.
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Welcome from AL. So glad you joined us.
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Howdy, Kimber-ites...

Welcome to the site from N GA.

FYI, Solo is a four letter word around here, but I too have a one. I have only fired it just north of 200 rounds with 124 grain AMMO only. I have not experienced any failures, but I must admit that the Solo break-in was sidelined by a Kimber Micro9. I just received another 1000 round box of 9mm so I should be able to finish the break-in of the Solo when I find time. Do you have a holster already picked out for the Solo?

Great to hear about your gun smithing. I am sure that knowledge will come in handy here. I myself am only capable of shooting and cleaning. Sometimes I wonder about the cleaning part, just laziness kicking in I guess.

Sad to hear you are sidelining a Kahr. My favorite summer CCW is the Kahr P380 in a supertuck holster. I picked up a Kahr PM9 recently but have not taken it out of the box yet. Then there is my Kahr MK40. It was my CCW a few years ago but lighter pistols have since taken itís place in the rotation.

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Welcome to the forum from S. Florida...
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Welcome to the forum from Central Florida. Lots of good people here.
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Welcome from Northeast, Pa.
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