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Gday From Australia

Hi Guys, new to the forum. Just picked up my Subalpine in 30-06. My first hunting rifle! Looking forward to some info on factory loads for Red Deer and Sambar. Still in the process of shooting her through and testing some groups.
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Welcome from North Carolina, USA.
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Welcome again to the forum from northern Illinois.
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Welcome to the forum from NY..
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Wink Hey Ya'll!!

Welcome to Kimber Talk from beautiful downtown Monroe, Georgia!
Monroe Post Office.JPG

Congrats on the new Kimber rifle. Hope you enjoy it. Not real sure as to what loads to recommend as I am not familiar with the size and bone structure of Red Deer and Sambar. Is a red deer the same as a European red stag? By my research, red deer go about 440 lbs or 199 Kg. Sambar deer go about 340 lbs or 154 Kg. My choice for ammo would be the Hornady SuperFormance 165 grain GMX ammo. You can check it out @:!/

Both animals seem to be larger and constructed tougher than North American Whitetail deer and closer to our Elk. As an alternative load,
you may also choose the SuperFormance GMX 180 grain load. It may give a bit better knock down on these large animals. I generally use either a 150 grain SST or 165 grain SST, as whitetail deer are usually 200 lbs give or take some either direction.

BTW, as a special gift, I am going to send you all of our politicians who have voiced support for or recommended Australian-style gun control. We really have no use for them. Just kidding!! I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy!!

Enjoy your new rifle and let us know how the hunting goes "down under"! Here is a look at some American hunting harvests.

My 6 Point 4;30 PM Dec 2.JPG <--- 6 Point Whitetail deer-186 lbs.

Porker.JPG <--- Wild Hog 200 lbs.

16 LBS -3 Inch Beard!.JPG <--- Wild Turkey 16 lbs. (shotgun)
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Welcome to the forum from Ohio.


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Welcome to the forum from Michigan.
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Welcome to the site from Tennessee.
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Welcome from southern California. I am suppose to have distant cousins in Austrailia could be the aborigines I do not have a lot of information on that subject.

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Cheers for the info Lineman! I wont go into the gun control debate Hahahaha! We are very used to it down here. Although my family in Louisiana let us know!

165 grain is most common for the 30-06 Dow here with the larger deer species! Ill look into the Hornady Superformance, we can get them here in Melbourne! Always a bonus. Just had knee surgery yesterday so its bench time for me. Hopefully get out there for our winter and get some meat!
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