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I just bought my first Kimber, a SS Raptor II


I've been shooting guns for less than a year, here's my circuitous route to how, on my lunch break today, I go pick up my Kimber Raptor.

It started out with me just wanting to get an M1 Garand to hang on the wall in respect for my late dad who fought in Leyte and Okinawa in WWII. I realized it would be ridiculous to just hang it on the wall so I decided to get some training in gun safety. I found out about a shooting school here in Los Angeles taught by active LAPD SWAT team members called ITTS.

Their Handgun I class is the prerequisite for all the other classes they teach so I took it. Wow, I realized I like shooting semiautomatic pistols, and with the finger control from a lifetime of playing guitar, finding my way around trigger press, while challenging, felt pretty natural, I'd imagine other guitar players here know just what I'm talking about. Anyway, the class was so much fun I ended up over the last year also taking the ITTS Handgun II and III and now signed up for Advanced Handgun.

Early on I bought a rental range gun from the range I go to, Oaktree. This is a S&W 1911 that shoots great and I got it cheap, but because it's got S&W specific target sights I couldn't put standard night sights on it so decided to look around for a better 1911. I seriously considered several others, but after Handgun III I realized that all these SWAT guys were shooting Kimbers so decided to go that route, I wanted something in stainless steel frame and slide, ambi thumb safety, and night sights. I considered the TLE but would have to have someone install an ambi thumb safety, so I figured I might as well go for the Raptor II. Today at noon on my lunch break I go in to pick it up after the ten day hold, I can't wait! My next class, Advance Handgun, isn't until early November, so I have months to polish my skills with this Kimber.

Oh, and I did end up getting an M1 Garand.

I almost forgot to ask. Given that this is a Custom Shop Kimber, it's my understanding that there is a lot more hand fitting than something like the TLE. The guys at ITTS like sending their Kimbers to Robar to really get them dialed in. So my question is, given the attention given by Kimber's Custom Shop, would it be unnecessary for me to send the gun to Robar for the final touch of mojo? I hope not.

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From what I understand, the "Custom Shop" at Kimber is just a siding off the main assembly line where the gun gets some bells and whistles added. It is not a true or full custom shop that does any additional hand fitting.

I would still send it out to Robar if you're not satisfied with the out of box performance.

Congrats on the Kimber and on the commitment to learning as much as you can about this fine sport!
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So the night I picked it up I was so inspired by this sweet 1911 that I practiced my dry fire for three hours straight. I just couldn't help myself.
That was a mistake, The next morning my right shoulder was in extreme pain, over the next couple days it got worse, I went to have it x-rayed and this revealed tendinitis and arthritis (I'm 56 years old). So bummer, I couldn't shoot for a week.

The following week I was finally able to shoot it, a hundred rounds of flawless shooting, no failures whatsoever. Took it home, field stripped it, cleaned it and oiled her up for the next weekend, which was yesterday. Yesterday I sent another hundred rounds through it, again it performed flawlessly.

This gun is severely accurate, like it's reading my mind, at Oaktree Gun range, I was hitting about five shots out of every seven round magazine, a 20" wide circular steel target at 75 yards. I have not been able to do that before, maybe it was the gun, maybe it was the 3 hours of dry firing I did that layed me out for a week, I suspect it was both. I love this gun!

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First off let me welcome you to the world of shooting sports and second to the forum.

If I'm reading your second post right I think you've already answered your question about sending it off to Robar for their mojo. It's functioning 100% and shooting very accurately.
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