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The Sailor Has Arrived!

As my screen name implies, I am a Vietnam vet and a military retiree with 22 years of active service; four years in the Navy, and eighteen in the Coast Guard. Dragonfly Lady and I will be celebrating 48 years of married life in October, precisely one year to the day from our first date (we wouldn't have waited that long, but 9.5 months of that were spent in the Nam).

My interests (obsessions?) are firearms, edged weapons, cooking, and camping, that last getting less attention as the birthdays accumulate! Collectively we own three handguns - an S&W .38, a Sig P250 in 9mm/.40, and a somewhat recently acquired Kimberling Micro 9. The rest of the arsenal consists of two 20 guage shotguns, a 12 guage, an AR in 5.56, a Henry AR-7, a Hipoint .40 carbine, and a moderate collection of sharp steel.

There will likely be more Kimbers in the future, as the Micro 9 has impressed me beyond words. [Those who know me will scoff at that last - I'm never out of words.] The little darlin' is so accurate and so manageable that it has become my EDC!

Enough for now. I'm glad I found a place where my bragging about the Micro 9 will be understood.
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"Let no man be debarred the use of arms." - George Washington
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Welcome from Middle Tenn. and thank you for your years of service. Micro 9 is a great pistol.
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Welcome to the Forum.
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Welcome from southern CA!

Where freedom dwells is my country!

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Welcome to the forum from Ohio.


NRA Life Member
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Welcome from northeast pa. And thank you for your service and enjoy your kimber 9. They have a way of multiplying, just ask anyone here.
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The Sailor Has Arrived!

Welcome aboard matey from the Communist State of NJ. Thanks for your service!
Your arsenal needs to grow a bit to keep up with the big boys...

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Thank you for your service Danang_Sailor2 and welcome to the forum from northern Illinois. Congratulations on the new Kimber Micro 9.
"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not."-- Thomas Jefferson
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Welcome aboard and thank you for your service.
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Welcome to the forum from NY. congrats on your new Kimber..
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