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New Member/New Kimber owner from GA

I have wanted a Kimber for what seems forever and finally pulled the trigger on a M9 SS with CT grips. Honestly I am a dipsh*t and should have read the manual or even checked this forum before my first outing. I ran 50 rounds of blazer brass FMJ 115 through it. Had at least 1 FTF each mag. I blame myself for being stupid though and not tearing it down and giving it a proper cleaning/lubing. After my outing I did make sure to break it down and give it a proper. I did notice a slight nick though on the feed ramp. Would you dremel and polish this out? I can snap a pic later if you need it to see what I am talking about. Also I have seen mixed reviews on folks who like to use heavier grain like 147 for 50-100 to break it in. I did buy some 124 but not 147 yet. Would the 124 work fine? I also went with some Sig and Winchester. I have never been much of a fan of BB but it was cheap and I figured lets see if it will run anything I throw at it like my springfield xd .40 does.
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This just a suggestion but I would not be in a hurry to get the dremel out just yet until you have completed the proper break in. Things tend to smooth out during break in period.

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I think Tom gave you some good advice, I'd hold off on the Dremel. Keep shooting the gun and if you feel the nick is causing a problem then give Kimbers customer service a call before doing anything. I'm a fan of using heavy loads to break in new guns, I've broken all my 9mm's with 147 gr. loads.
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Welcome to the forum from Ohio.


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So with this being my first Kimber what exactly is a good break in time frame? And should I go ahead and get some 147 ? How many rounds are you thinking I should run through it to be considered broken in? I checked the manual and not really much info there. I see some on here say to rack the slide a couple hundred times.
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Welcome to the Forum. There are some very knowledgeable people here on the topic of Kimber and they will be along shortly.
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I dont know about the M9, but the manual for my Desert Warrior recommended 500 rounds. And I can say that I had issues at first but after 300 rounds the gun has been running great! Welcome to the forum from the winter wasteland that is Wisconsin.
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Welcome to the forum from Northeast, Pa. I would shoot about 400-500 rounds for break in. Heavier bullets can’t hurt. I usually use 115 or 124 and 147 on occasion. A lot of members use only 147gr.
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Welcome from NC. Breaking in my wife's Sapphire Pro, we used 200 rds. of Fiocchi 147 gr. FMJ followed by 100 rds. of Federal 124 gr. FMJ. We ran it wet to start, as the tolerances are pretty tight. Will run another 100 124 gr. through it. In the meanwhile rack the slide a hundred or so times to help the slide/frame fit.

We only had one FTF at rd. 77; could have been user error.
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Welcome to the forum from Michigan, rack, clean lube shoot, repeat a few times those Kimber's are pretty tight and need a break in time.
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