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Newbie here..gotta question for y'all

Purchased a new Micro 9 a few months ago. I've put bout a 100 rnds through it. Feels good, shoots fine, but I've experienced several mag ejects. I thought I was accidentally depressing the mag release while firing, but not the case as I was very intentional not to. Yesterday, first rnd at the range...mag backed out about 5mm. Cleared the weapon, recharged...first rnd, mag popped out once again. Hmmmm! Factory 7 rnd mags. Any thoughts?
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois SDW, I'm sorry to hear you're having a problem with your new Micro 9. Your best move would be to contact Kimbers customer service and explain the problem you're having with them.

Customer Service
Toll-Free: (888) 243-4522
Hours: MF, 9:30 a.m.7 p.m. Eastern
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SDW, welcome to the site from Tennessee.

I agree with Chuck about your mag release problem, call Kimber they will correct it.
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Howdy from Texas SDW, and welcome to KT !!

I had same issue with my new Micro Raptor 380. Since I had another Micro Stainless model (with no mag release issues), I swapped the mag release springs and put it in my Raptor. Problem went away. I called Kimber and they sent me a new mag release spring.... problem solved. Sure beat all the hassle of sending my new pistol back to them. YMMV as they are sometimes hesitant to send parts and would rather have the gun sent back.
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I bought some extended mags for my Sig 938 (same pistol really) and one would never seat and would fall out. Had to sent it back for refund from E-bay. It might be more the mag than your pistol. Especially if it's one mag that does it.
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Welcome to the forum...all the best with getting your M9 issues addressed.
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Welcome to the forum from NY.
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Welcome from Northeast, Pa.
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Talking Hey Ya'll!!

Welcome to the forum from beautiful downtown Monroe, Georgia!!!

Congrats on the new Micro 9. As for the issue of the mag dropping out.........have you tried the "Lineman Method" of dealing with it? First give it a proper cussin' out, use assorted, super foul, four letter "lineman words", then beat the hell out of it with a really, really big hammer!
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This should cure it!! If it doesn't, try calling Kimber Customer Service. They do a great job of gettin' 'em runnin' right!!

Glad to have you with us!! BTW, that "Lineman Method" was a joke!!Don't bash your pistol with a hammer!! A true Lineman would use a really big ol' sledge!!! Makes you feel better, but probably won't do a damn thing to help your pistol!!
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Welcome from Pgh., Pa area. Keep us updated on results of the fix of your Kimber problems.
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