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Hey, Iím new to Kimber Talk. Live in Northwestern Wyoming. I own one Kimber, micro 9, that I bought for my wife to CC. Looking forward to learning what I can about this pistol.
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A majority seem to need a break in of the pistol with a heavy round like a 147 gr. I would say buy a quality practice round that is a FMJ non-hollow point and run about 5-6 boxes through the pistol to loosen it up a bit. They seem to be of tight tolerance built. After each box on the range I would break the pistol down and wipe it clean the run a quick bristle brush through it and re-lube then shoot the next box of 50. Hopefully if you had even one hiccup, by the 4th to 5th box you have none. Then I would totally clean the pistol again then reassemble and load your favorite self-defense round and start at 7 yards for grouping measurements and if no hiccups and no other adjustments like hand placement I would back up to 10 yards and repeat. If the 10 yard line is a success then my final would be 15 yards and call it a success if all things are to your liking.

BTW- I use Ballistol on my firearms. Great stuff and as always, everyone has a favorite lube but just a suggestion.

I cannot see you going back to 25 yards like I have to do for qualification. Fact being, most defensive shootouts happen at close range. Plus we shoot prone; standing; kneeling and weak side and all that crazy stuff. You are just trying to settle a pistol in and make sure it will fire your chosen ammo in a emergency situation. Good luck.
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois Rickytop.
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Rickytop, another welcome from Northern Illinois. You’ll find lots of great experience here for your new pistol. Let us know how the 1st sessions go, and how your wife likes it.
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Another Welcome from NC. I don't shoot the Micro, can't help there.
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Welcome from middle Tenn. Enjoy your Micro 9, mine has been great so far.
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Welcome to the forum from southeast Nebraska
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Welcome from Northeast, Pa.
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welcome from NY.
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Welcome from Michigan.
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