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Hello from Alabama

I'm a long-time shooter that grew up where guns were a normal part of life. Shot enough skeet to wear out two progressive reloaders, shot enough .22 LR ammo to overwhelm a land fill, and enough .38/9mm/44mag ammo to make Federal/etc what they are today.

My concept of "gun control" has everything to do with a gun's sights and tolerances, and nothing to do with the "guns are evil, they kill people" movement.

I've been carrying a smith 637 for many years, and decided I wanted to try a Kimber micro-9 as they looked to be even easier to carry due to the thin profile. I like that the gun fits in my jeans pocket easily and doesn't drag my pants down to my knees.

I despise striker-fired guns and prefer an exposed hammer. Whether it be SA/DA doesn't matter, so long as it fires SA and re-cocks after each shot fired. Wish we could get a smith-like trigger break, but there's too much "stuff" between the trigger and the hammer. Also wish we could get the manufacturers to knock off this lawyer trigger nonsense, but that is pretty easily remedied if you are somewhat handy with tools.

I will be 71 in March, am retired, and enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, etc. And of course shooting. Taught computer science for 46 years spread across two universities. Now enjoy helping folks, everything from problems with their boat motors to people that get taken advantage of in sporting goods stores. (saw a guy yesterday at the range with a new 30-06. Noticed that the first 3 rounds he fired were hitting the ground about 30 yards down-range. Gun required two different rings due to the way the receiver was made, they had been installed on the wrong ends, and looking down the firing line, it was obvious to my eye that the angle between the scope sight line and the bore was not just off, but massively off. Guy said a "gunsmith" at a local store had set the gun up and bore-sighted it for him. If so, the 'smith was incompetent... Another day at the range.

I've been impressed with the micro-9. Perfectly manageable recoil, shoots accurately and reliably (not a single feed failure since I have owned the gun). Really like the beavertail (I am a 1911 fan also) on this small gun which greatly helps with recoil control. Like the looks. Look like it partially went through the movie "Honey, I shrunk the kids..."
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Welcome from middle Tenn. I also carry a Micro 9 and have been well pleased with it.
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Welcome to the forum from southeast Nebraska

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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois BobHyatt.
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Welcome from Texas. I have two Micro 9, enjoy shooting them.
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Welcome to the forum from Florida.


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Welcome from the Old North State.
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Welcome from Northeast, Pa.
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Welcome to the forum.
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Welcome from Iowa. I too have a Kimber Micro9 and it is an awesome little handgun.
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