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A Newbie Micro-9 owner says "Hi"

Let me introduce myself w/a short bio:
USAF vet trained on Cal .30 carbine and .45 cal 1911. I REALLY like 1911's! Retired L.E.O. (30+ yrs - but mosty carrying a S&W Mod 10) and yes... my hair is gray.
At time of posting; after the expiration of my "left coast" state's 10 day waiting period I'm awaiting delivery of a just-purchased Micro-9, . I'd been alternating my CCW betw. a med-frame 9 mm 1911 (winter carry) and a .380 cal Sig P238 (summer carry). Wanting to standardize on ammo, I'd been looking at a Sig 938 to replace the 238 when I ran across an opportunity to snag a deal on a "gently used" Micro-9. Based on the price, and the strength of the Kimber name, I admittedly bought it in a moment of "gun lust."
After the fact; On several boards I've been reading a lot of comment on problems with mags, ammo feeding, FTF, stove-piping, etc. SHEESH! Hoping that I wasn't too rash in my purchase, I joined this forum to potentially ask (beg?) for info and assistance, if needed. Will post further after getting it and putting a box or two down-range.
Thanx. "Sarge"

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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois Sarge.
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Welcome to the forum from Florida.


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Welcome to the forum.
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Welcome, from middle Tennessee. Zero issues with my Micro 9, I believe a lot of those issues you read about, are operator issues, not Kimber issues. Good luck.
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Welcome to the forum from Northern Illinois.
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Sarge, welcome to the site from Tennessee. I think the biggest percentage of Micro issues are user related, not the pistol.
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rack it a 100 times by hand and go shoot it...
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Welcome Sarge, from the high desert just a tad south of you (with MUCH better laws IRT guns).

As has been mentioned, rack it a bunch and go shoot the snot out of it. I've had my Micro 9 for three years without a single issue; shoots to POA and is completely reliable with anything I stuff in it.

Lifetime 1911 shooter/owner also, started in the $hit in RVN a long, long time ago.
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Welcome aboard, Sarge!
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