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New member from Chattanooga

Hey guys, just purchased a used Kimber rifle from a local gun store yesterday. Was mostly going in to look at a 9mm pistol to impulse buy but impulse bought another 30-06 instead. They had a used Savage Axis 30-06, and this used Kimber 30-06. I already have a Remington 700 in 30-06 and a Nagant I bought somewhat recently and have so many guns now I can't even fire them all, but this one looked pretty good and the price seemed right so I figured why not.

Best I can tell from looking at Kimber's site, it's a Montana, and since it's chambered in 30-06 I assume it's an 84L instead of an 84M. Either way, it doesn't seem to have the same style of safety as the current model line and while I am trying to remove the bolt to clean it, it doesn't seem to have any bolt release button on it so I can take it out. While I am trying to figure that out, I figured I'd post a couple of pics and see if you guys could tell me any information about it since you guys are familiar with them. Maybe the exact model, stuff like that:

Hard to read, but the engraving says Kimber, Yonkers, NY USA

That's the flip up safety, goes up towards the scope where as the current line seems to flip forward or backward.

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Welcome to the forum from the Lou....

I don't have a Kimber rifle and didn't know if that one came with a manual or not....Either way if you enter 84L or 84M this is what comes up.....

Good luck with your new Kimber....
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Yeah, that's the only manual I could find on the internet and it doesn't seem to quite apply to mine, guess I'll have to wait till tomorrow when they're open and give them a call and see what they can tell me.

Edit: Got it! There was a small bar with a set screw, I just assumed it was part of the scope mount or something, that I pull out and it releases whatever was holding the bolt in. It's out and time for a good cleaning! Still going to call to find out the exact model and date of manufacture though.
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Welcome from Northern Illinois. Looks like a real nice rifle. Let us know if/when you get a chance to take it out for a spin.
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois Matt, congratulations on the new to you Kimber rifle.
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Welcome to KT.

I used to have an old rifle with a Ruger bolt and safety that flipped up like that. I'm thinking that rifle may have some age on it. Hope is shoots well for you.
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Welcome to the forum from Fla.Good luck with your new rifle.
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Matt, hello neighbor and welcome from Chattanooga. Only thing I know about Kimber Rifles is I would like to own one. Maybe someday I will get one.

I go shooting at Carter's Shooting supply as often as I can.
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Welcome to the forum from Ohio!!

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Another welcome from Ohio
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