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Hello from Middle TN

I just found this forum and enjoyed sampling some of the threads. Seems like a great place to learn more about Kimber and especially the Micro Carry I just ordered.

A little about me...started shooting by hunting rabbits and squirrels with my grandfather as a pre-teen (many decades ago). I still have that Stevens Favorite he gave me...my first firearm. Since then, I've owned many handguns, rifles and shotguns...loved 'em all. That's it for now.

I look forward to joining in...
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Welcome to the forum from The Lou and thanks for your service to our great country...

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Welcome to the site from Tennessee. You started like I did but my Dad was along also.
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Welcome from Northern Illinois
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Welcome, Cybercycle. I am guessing we are about the same vintage. My dad gave me a Remington Nylon 66 22lr back in 1965 ...or was that 1966? Anyway that was my first gun that I still enjoy very much today. I also consider Nashville as home. I went to school there (Go Vandy) and began my married life there. I also lived on both ends of the state (Chattanooga and Martin). I served in the military around the time you did.

I've got a Kimber Micro. This is a good place to learn more about your Kimbers.
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Welcome from almost the Middle of TN...it is just down the road a few miles. Good to have another Tennessean on board. We have a Kimber Micro Carry.....been breaking it in when we can. Get your new Kimber, take it apart, clean and well lube before you fire it. They are particular in the ammo they like.
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Welcome from northern middle Tennessee. Hope you enjoy yourself here.

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Welcome from Ohio
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Welcome from Oklahoma, we are breaking in a Micro. Fun to shoot.
My grandson is in the Air Force ROTC. My service was the Army and the rest of my family was Navy.
Thank you for your service and best luck with your new Kimber.
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Cool Hey Here!! (It's a Southern Thing!!!)

Welcome to the forum from beautiful downtown Monroe, Georgia!!
Monroe-City of Monroe.png

Be sure to post some pictures of your new Micro once you receive it. Add in a range report after your first range visit, too. We enjoy lookin' at the pictures and reading how other members firearms are working.

If you have any questions, ask away. I guarantee that there is at least one soul on here that knows the answer to your question. Lots of experience and knowledge here. We're mostly a bunch of old coots!! (I resemble that remark!)

Follow Kimber's recommendations for cleaning, lubing and ammo choices prior to shooting the hell out of that Micro! Following the recommendations will make for a trouble free range session.

Shoot straight and be safe!! Glad to have you with us!! Jump right in!!
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