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Talking Hello from nowhere NY

Nice to meet you all. Found this site after making an impulse buy on Wednesday. A dealer had a Solo that had been in his case to long and made me a deal I couldn't say no to. I have been looking for a .380 but came home with this instead despite vaguely remembering some horror stories from years past. Well it got up to a crisp 23 degrees so I couldn't wait any longer. I dug out some old 147 gr white box and so far so good as far as cycling. Also passed some lighter pd rounds as well. It was consistently 5" low however, so I handed it to my buddy. He was even lower. For now I am figuring my first "mini" 9 and below freezing temp can't be helping me out. This is my first Kimber so I won't be able to give much advise there but hopefully will be able to contribute to the site with other insight. Thanks for the great resource.
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois recker. Congratulations on the new Solo, we've got more then a few members here that own them so if you have any questions feel free to ask away.
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Welcome aboard from Dixie Co.,Fl.Though I'm not a Solo owner,I hope you enjoy yours.
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Welcome from Ohio!!
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Welcome from StLou and a fellow Solo STS owner..Mine is accurate from 7 yards but once I stretch the target out further it took a bit of adjustment to keep it in the center.It took a trip back to the factory to get it where it will shoot without any fte but since then no problems.All I can say is I made mine my ccw and not so much a range toy any longer.That's the job of my other two PCII now..Enjoy...
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Welcome from the Midwest. I like mine.
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Welcome from somewhere Georgia.
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Welcome to the group. Pictures, pictures, pictures. Even impulse buys!
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Welcome from Ohio


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Welcome from the other side of nowhere NY.
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