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Hello from another SOCALia

Hello Gentlemen, and Ladies. Glad I can be apart of a class of people in this forum I can learn from and hopefully give some help.
I'm Experienced in long guns, handguns, Polys and 1911s but new to the Kimber Lineup (Custom II & Pro CarryII).
An ExCop turned Firefighter (Because Cops need Heros, too)..but I remained a Reserve Officer to have the best of both worlds. I have a ccw permit, I usually carry a XDS.45, Colt Def., Glock23, or Kimber Pro.

Hope I can be a positive contribution to the Forums
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Cop to fireman !! Hooey find another forum you fence jumper. You just wanted to be loved and not hated your not fooling us. Just havin fun welcome to the forum it's a great group. Ohio sends love
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Welcome from Northern Illinois
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Welcome again. We are very glad you're here!

Ohio Chl holder
NRA member
Old age isn't for sissy's
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Welcome to the site from Tennessee! Thank You for your dedicated service to both. We need more "good guys"!
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A third welcome from Ohio


NRA Life Member
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Welcome to the land of Kimber! Glad you joined the party. We need copious amounts of Kimber gun pics so help us out.

We also love range reports: the good, the bad and the ugly.
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Howdy from Texas! Pull up a stump and stay awhile!
Just curious, how do you carry your G23?
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Welcome again from northern Illinois.
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Welcome from Big Sky and thank you for your sevice.
Buy American - MAGA!
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