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Location: SW Florida
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Hello from SW Fl

Currently own Glock's and a Ruger, looking to ad a Kimber to my collection. Came here to try to pick up some advice on which model and why. Wont be a carry gun, so looking at a 1911, 4 or 5 inch barrel model in 45 acp. Havent ruled anything out except the smaller models.
Thanks for any advice and tips in advance.
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Welcome from Northern Indiana.
You have come to the right place for
advice. I'm sure someone here can
answer all you're questions. They
have been a big help to me.
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Welcome from Texas. I'm sure as you drift through the pages you will pick up a lot of info and opinions that may help you decide the model and features that will be important to you. Thanks for joining and glad to have you here.
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Welcome to Kimberland. Glad to see you stopped by. There are many Kimber models in 45cal from which to select one for you. Best wishes on making a decision. There are many knowledgeable members here that can help you. I am not one of them.
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Welcome from Middle Tennessee. You will get a lot of great advice here!
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Welcome to the forum from Ohio!!

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Outerlimits, welcome to the site from Tennessee.
Do you have a budget? Amount to spend in mind? Do you like Stainless or Blued or Two-Tone? Are you ok with aluminum frames or only steel? Do you want Target-adjustable sights or combat style three dot night sights? What is your stand on Laser Grips?
Knowing the answers to those questions will help us suggest a model for you. There are a lot of good ones, just depends on your needs.
4 inch barrel Kimber's will have "Pro" in the model name, 5 inch may just say CDP or Raptor could also say Classic or Custom. Even the full size can be concealed carried and a lot of members often carry a Pro (4 inch) size. I have all sizes and my EDC is a CDP Ultra (3 inch barrel).
Just to get started and in no particular order.
Super Match (5")
Stainless Gold Combat (5")
Stainless Raptor (5")
Master Carry Pro (4")
Stainless Raptor Pro (4")
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Stainless Raptor Custom, Pro, Ultra
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Hey, and welcome to KT.

What caliber do you prefer? Kimber recently added 9mm to some of their most popular models, so if that's your preference, you're good to go. If you want to play in the .45 world for a change, you won't be disappointed.

You'll find several of us own and enjoy the Stainless Raptor Pro II (4" barrel) It's a really winner. YMMV
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois Outerlimits. As 2sharp2 already asked, what kind of budget are you working with? Is it going to be a range gun, competition gun or do you want to hunt with it? Regardless of what you intend to do with it I'd say go with a Custom size (5"), that extra inch of sight radius will help with longer shots.

Custom Kimbers can start in the $837 - $891 range for a Two tone II or Stainless II to $1568 for a Stainless Raptor II or $1868 for a Team Match II. Not to mention the many guns in between these examples, by the way these prices are MSRP not street prices.
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Welcome from Ohio ! And you can narrow your search down to the Stainless Raptor Pro 11 4inch. It's the prettiest, best made and best shooting Kimber of the whole lineup. The 3inch ultra or the 5inch are about equal in the Raptor. So for all the right reasons, looks, function, accuracy, ease of use and overall value it's the only choice...........sincerely........Rod Serling.................
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