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As If Posting For the 1st Time Isn't Awkward Enough, Now I Have to Think of a Title?

New Kimber owner here and also new to 1911s and handguns in general. I wanted to purchase something for home and personal defense that would also be fun and challenging to shoot. I also found the 1911's design and history intriguing. In hindsight, I was probably disproportionally influence by Kimber's marketing and didn't really look at other 1911 manufacturers; however, I have no regrets.

I recently moved to South Carolina after working in New York for the past 21 years and found the gun culture here to be both a blessing and curse. The blessing is that there is no shame in owning a gun down here and I can now, for the first time, obtain a CCW permit (just finished the class last week) and carry if I want. The curse is that there seems to be a lot more gun violence down here, especially involving domestic violence and robberies. Law enforcement down here seems to be (understandably) quick on the trigger. There is also a larger meth problem that what I was exposed to up north.

However, after a few weeks still I find myself feeling like a fish out of water with a gun in my hand. The last time I held a handgun, I was a cocky 15-year-old on on vacation in California with my family. To make a long story short, I was up in the mountains with my uncle who carried with him a western-type six shooter in case he ran into any dangerous snakes or whatnot. He took some time out to teach me to shoot, and in the process I blew a hole in my leg. That experience swore me off of handguns for the next few decades.

I have now only shot about 200 rounds and my shot placement is all over the paper. I get both encouraged and discouraged seeing range results posted on here. I am seriously thinking about hiring an instructor for private lessons in hope that it will improve my accuracy. I know that I need to train and practice, but I want to know that I am training and practicing in a correct way, and not just spending hundreds of dollars shooting and developing bad habits. Being left handed probably doesn't help, and I am not sure which is my dominant eye, as I use my left eye for close up and right eye for distance. I guess I could learn to shoot right handed if necessary

Perhaps I am overthinking all of this?

Anyway, I don't post much on forums, but I saw Chuck 43's "Hey, you, new guy" post and thought I would give it a try.
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Well we're glad you did post. And those are all good points and questions you brought up. Especially the part about, if you can afford it, hiring a personal trainer to get you caught up is a great idea.
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Welcome from Ohio and welcome to the sport of shooting. Be safe
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Welcome. Despite what the media says, shooting a handgun is a learned skill and takes practice and time. Getting some instruction is a good idea.
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Welcome to the site from Tennessee! I think you learned this already.
Number one rule! Don't shoot yourself in the leg!

Expert training sounds like a great idea.

Please be careful!
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Welcome! Great back-story...agree that getting personal instruction is the best way to get off on the right "foot". Your insight into avoiding establishment of bad habits, learning which eye is dominant and which is your "strong" hand (usually matches the dominant eye...hopefully) is worth your time and effort. I suggest you check out a local gun club or NRA for a location/name of an instructor.

Most of all...enjoy your time at the range and don't forget to post your progress and questions. Consider the KT a friendly place to post your questions, brag about your progress or to let off steam when that time comes.
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois and thank you for reading my post, LOL. If you're not a member of the NRA I'd encourage you to join and take some of the courses they offer.

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Welcome to KT from St Lou.....

Once you get the basics down and feel comfortable, just do yourself a favor and practice practice and then practice some more...

You will be surprised how your confidence will grow with each range session...

Good luck...
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Great to have you aboard, you are starting at the right place for help and ideas. Post some pics of range time maybe someone can can give you some pointers, I received some and has been helping. Practice practice practice. Hope you enjoy your stay.
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Welcome from the Chicago 'burbs.
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