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Hello from Washington

Newbie here, signing up to learn as much as I can about my ultra carry 2. I love my Kimber but I've had nothing but problems from it hope I can find what I'm looking for on here.

Before I make a post, can someone please point me to the correct sub-forum that I should post my ultra carry 2 problems in???

Or if my question could be answered here that would be great.

1000rds have been through it and I clean it before and after each use 100% takedown.

The problem:

Gun jams on 2nd or 3rd to last round in mag. It starts pulling the shell out of the chamber then the slide seizes up 3/4 way back and doesn't allow the shell to eject. I can't manually pull the slide back either...

Even manually cycling rounds through the gun it will seize up and get stuck on last couple rounds in the mag. What is not allowing me to pull my slide back the rest of the way???

I've tried:
multiple brands of mags
different ammo
adjusting extractor tension

I just want my beloved pistol to be consistent enough to carry with me daily ...after all that's why I bought it.

NOT willing to send out to Kimber. I'm capable of doing the work myself and don't mind spending the money buying the parts I may or may not need to make this thing reliable.

Thanks in advance for any advise or links pointing me in the proper direction. I've been searching for a few years now with no luck still.
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Welcome to KT from Northeast, Pa.

I really can't help you with your UCII problem but I'm sure someone here will. Me, I would send it back to Kimber because it's their gun and I'm sure they know more about their guns then most people. They have excellent customer service but once you or someone else starts playing around with your gun it's going to void the warranty. I had to send my Eclipse Pro II to them after a year and they fixed it for free and install new night sights. It's your gun and your choice, good luck with repair.
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Welcome from Ohio. Sounds like you tried the obvious, like JC said, send it in.

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For years I toyed with the idea of getting a 3" .45, but after some research decided against it. Far as I can tell, development of the things was slow because it's very difficult to get the package balanced with that short barrel. Recoil springs are critical and don't last. I'd bet (somebody else's) money that a spring change will solve your problem.
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Welcome to the forum from northern Illinois Kimber92, you mention shooting 1000's of rounds but no mention of spring replacement. I suggest you contact Kimbers customer service and discuss your problem with them. Ultra's (3") are fine dependable guns, I own and have two in my carry rotation.

Customer Service
Toll-Free: (888) 243-4522
Hours: M–F, 9 a.m.–7 p.m. Eastern
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Another welcome from Ohio


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Welcome from Middle Tennessee...I can't add any more to the great advice already posted.
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Welcome from Eastern Washington.

I'll echo what others suggest - call Kimber. Their customer support is pretty good and maybe they'd be willing to just send you the spring. If you're dead-set on not sending it in and you don't find the solution here, you could always find yourself a local shop that has lots of 1911 experience. If you're on the right side of the state, I can recommend a really good smithy.
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Welcome from southern Cal. Sorry to hear that you are having a dificult time with your Kimber Ultra a lot of Happy Ultra owners on this forum. If you decide that you cannot find the problem and correct it yourself, be sure to put it back to stock configuration before sending it to the mother ship,or Kimber will do that for you and charge you for it.

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Welcome to the site from Tennessee.
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